Sitting too long can lead to venous thrombosis


A study in Japan has shown that sitting in a car or other small space for a long time may cause venous thrombosis, which leads to acute cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. The researchers called on the authorities to raise public awareness of health risks.

After the Kumamoto earthquake in April 2016, intermittent aftershocks occurred. Many people who have evacuated from their homes have to stay in shelters or spend the night in the car. Investigators from the Kumamoto Earthquake Thrombosis and Embolization Protection Program found that many residents who had to evacuate from their homes had clots on their legs and some had pulmonary embolism.

The researchers of the project found in a questionnaire distributed to 21 local medical institutions that 35 of the 51 hospitalized patients with thrombosis and embolism had pulmonary embolism, of which 42 (82.4%) were developing thrombosis. Stay overnight in the car before embolization.

According to a cardiovascular drug survey published by the University of Kumamoto University Graduate School of Medicine, Professor Ozawa FuMu, in the Canadian Journal of Cardiovascular Diseases, medical staff should be raised to prevent thrombosis and embolism. Public-related education, for example, in asylum And elsewhere have shown that it will greatly reduce the risk of people suffering from this disease.

The magazine’s editor-in-chief, Stanley, a professor at the Heart Institute in Montreal, Canada, believes that the survey provides an example of the extreme health risks of staying in tight spaces for long periods of time, so you need to remind people that they have stayed in the car for a long time in the plane or space. Time, remember and regular activities to avoid thrombosis and embolism. According to Xinhua News Agency


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