What does a breakfast with less than 300 calories look like?


Core Tip: You may have seen this message in many weight loss guides – breakfast should be no more than 300 calories. But what about 300 calories of breakfast? How do ordinary citizens (too lazy) know? Don’t worry, we will tell you what a healthy breakfast is less than 300 calories!

“Baked Eggs and Ham Cup”

Roll up the ham, fix it with a toothpick, pour the protein-rich egg into the oven.

Calories (2 ham cups): 218

“Better spinach burritos than Starbucks croissants”

We fully understand your fascination with Starbucks croissants. If it is difficult to give up, we can try our own! Stir mushrooms and spinach in a non-stick pan, add mayonnaise, and wrap in a multi-paste batter.

Calories: 252

“Walnut Oatmeal”

Do not buy ready-made bread or snacks. You can do whatever you want with the oven. Mix the walnuts and oats in the egg white batter and place in the oven. Seasonal fruit is served. A healthy and fresh breakfast is as simple as that.

Calories (4 walnuts): 296

“When you are waiting” meat eater muffins

You won’t expect it to be a natural dish for meat eaters. Cut the chicken and ham into cubes and put in the batter. You can also add anything you want to eat. Then brush your teeth, wash your teeth, do what, when you go out, its aroma is piped throughout the kitchen.

Calories (1 pie): 150

“protein full” omelet

Pepper, onion, spinach, cheese, egg white, and of course flour. These simple ingredients are placed on a baking sheet, rich in protein and fiber, and are a healthy breakfast.

Calories: 300

“Animal Advocate” fried tofu

If you are a vegetarian, this is your breakfast: choose protein-rich tofu, called “natural stomach vegetables” kale (very suitable for the stomach), and sweet potato stir-fried with “quality carbohydrates” plus a little olive oil.

Calories: 264

“Blackberry Fans”

Blueberries, raspberries… You can even add strawberry blueberry yogurt and sprinkle with oatmeal. This bowl of delicious “breakfast berries” is rich in vitamin C, low in fat and healthy.

Calories: 265

Jessica Simpson’s thin breakfast

Corn kernels, tomatoes, salad, eggs. This is Jessica Simpson’s slimming breakfast, which is said to be baked for the next three days on weekend nights because she hates this trouble.

Calories: 149

“Simplified French Bread Renovation”

French bread has always been known for its high calorie content, but after some changes it can help you lose weight. Change the butter toast to whole wheat toast and then replace the cheese with ricotta. More than 20 grams of protein, delicious, nutritious, weight loss triple.

Calories: 252

“Yogurt Control and Manual Residual Control”

You might say, I don’t have an oven, I can’t cook, but what about a weight loss heart? This light meal is tailor-made for you. All you have to do is buy whole food: yogurt, cantaloupe, blueberries (or your favorite seasonal fruit) and repeat the photo. Lose weight, why not!


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