If you want to lose weight, you should have a fitness diet plan


Core Tip: Want to slim down and set up a good fitness diet plan, then how to customize a good healthy eating plan? Look at the small series below!

I believe that most people are losing weight through fitness, want to lose weight to set a good fitness diet plan, how to customize a good healthy eating plan? Look at the following small series!

How to clean up your intestines so you don’t indulge in junk food? Let’s see!

Control your sugar intake

If you notice a disease, please pay attention to your sugar intake, such as alcohol, honey, maple syrup and agave, because sugar will increase the number of bad bacteria.

Avoid starch

To prevent harmful bacteria from eating food, try to avoid starchy foods such as corn, baked goods and potatoes.

Ditch dairy products

Stop drinking milk. Coconut milk without sugar or almond milk is a good choice.

Wake up and meditate for 10 minutes

Start your day with a 10-minute meditation session, put your hands on your stomach and focus on waking up.

Relax before dinner

Before eating, take a deep breath and consciously relax your body and prepare your stomach and intestines for food.

Eat slowly,

Eat slowly, chew more, and AIDS digests without increasing the burden on the stomach.

Hot compress soothing stomach

Before going to bed, apply a hot pot to your abdomen to help your body relax, especially your stomach and intestines.


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