How long does the vegetables stay in the fridge? Do you want a vegetable bag in the refrigerator?


The refrigerator is a container for keeping food fresh. It usually keeps vegetables longer than normal. So how long can vegetables stay in the fridge? Do you want a vegetable bag in the refrigerator? Let’s see.


How long does the vegetables stay in the fridge?

It depends on the type of vegetables, such as fresh green leafy vegetables can be placed for a long time, no problem for a week, onions, radishes, potatoes and other vegetables can also be put for a long time.

1. Fresh vegetables, leeks, garlic, coriander, cucumber, pepper, celery, lettuce, rapeseed, spinach, garland chrysanthemum, leaf diameter category of vegetables are all subcontracted with old newspapers, can be stored for a long time, packaged for a week or even two No problem for the week.

2. Onions, radishes, potatoes, carrots can be put for a long time, pay attention to the potatoes do not sprout.

3. Stick to cabbage can also be put for a long time, when eating the most skin.

4. When you buy tomatoes, choose hard and green. They will last for a week.

5. Do not put the vegetables in the plastic bag inside the refrigerator, otherwise it will be easy to rot.

6. Put the garlic and shallots in the refrigerator.

7. Mung bean sprouts and bean sprouts are easily deteriorated and can be eaten in one or two days.

8. Ginger is easily deteriorated, peeled, cut into pieces, placed in a plastic bag, and placed in a frozen layer.

Mushrooms eat as soon as possible and are prone to deterioration.

Buy fresh tofu and eat, should not be put for a long time, can not eat, immediately cut into small pieces to put frozen layer to make frozen tofu.


Do you want a vegetable bag in the refrigerator?

I believe that many people buy food from the vegetable market or supermarkets. The habitual move is to put food in the refrigerator. They are all wrapped directly in the refrigerator in plastic bags provided by the vegetable market or supermarket. So, can plastic bags be refrigerated in vegetable packaging?

As we all know, there are many kinds of plastic bags. In fact, whether a plastic bag is harmful to our body depends on the type of plastic bag we use. If it meets the standard food plastic bags, it will not cause harm to health. We can sign by observing the plastic bag. The most commonly used plastic bags are vegetables. Most of them are mainly red. Of course, there are other colors. If you find that the plastic bag has a large mouthfeel and darker plastic bags, it is best to avoid it.


This plastic bag is processed from recycled plastic film and is a recycled plastic bag. Even so, we don’t have to worry too much about the fact that the plastic bags are generally very stable at room temperature and low temperature. Usually it does not contaminate our food. Even if we are not absorbed by the body, the amount is small, people can shape the body through normal metabolism.

If we are still worried, try not to use plastic bags for food that is ready for consumption, and do not use them as vegetables in the refrigerator. You can buy some special food bags or use fresh containers. Of course, no matter what the food is, try to avoid keeping it in the refrigerator and buying as much as possible. Save power and plastic bags, safe and environmentally friendly.


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