Slovak night


A bowl of red soup! The four eyes of J and I both flashed past, and the corner of my mouth suddenly felt as if I was hungry and greedy. “Your Kapustnica.” The long-faced waiter fell and left. No intimacy.

We took the bus this morning and arrived at the capital Slovakia’s buddy Destra. Outside the window, the morning fog seemed to erode the soil into the ground. The contrast of the line of sight was very weak, there was a pale white, like thick dust, dry trees, open The wilderness, covered in the bleak subtle scent, makes the original thin colors of winter more dreamlike darkness. Entering the city from the edge of the city bus station, it can also reduce the image into a gray, the scenery vaguely preserves the atmosphere of the former Soviet Union, the specific architectural style is still a generation, the reserve plain, the poverty and the window close to the old dust, not too much Attractive products, passers-by are sparse, but everyone is rushing to express indifference.

The weather is bad because it is almost noon and the temperature is not higher than zero. Gloomy and windy. As a refuge to avoid the restaurant, looking around and beer, my heart is tired, saying that he does not want to eat any greasy food, especially stew, a few days ago in Budapest to eat stew, double soup (closer to diluted mashed potatoes, China The dishes are full of soothing broth, and the concept of soup is completely different. It is really difficult to digest in a row. So J ordered three salads: cucumber salad, tomato salad and tomato salad cucumber. Cucumbers and tomatoes, eaten over and over again, may be the only fresh vegetables that can be found in Slovakia in winter.

The cold plate makes people tremble, not only does not increase any satiety, but also more fasting. Now I open my mouth again because I still ordered a stew.

The soup is steamed and stirred twice with a spoon, and then it exudes a tempting aroma of sour, smoked and gravy. Sauerkraut or sauerkraut is a pickled sauerkraut. Fresh Korean food is a spreader of sweetness and taste. When eating a shabu-shabu, it is best to cook with a soup. The taste is slightly different from the cabbage. If fermented, and a sharp kimchi and improve the acid, and because the vegetable soup base, the soup body is thick, but the fresh solution is greasy taste.

Later, some Czech friends told us that this soup is also a traditional Czechoslovakian dish for Christmas or New Year. Czechs cook vegetarians, the current version adds sausages, while other recipes include bacon or mushrooms, depending on the region. The gravy of the sausage buffers and thickens the sharp, even corrosive edges of the sauerkraut to make the dumplings. Its red paprika paprika made the finish and let the color shine! This red pepper powder tastes sweet, hot, even bitter, or smoked, rich in flavor, creating heat waves in the feast of meat and vegetables.

Once the three central keys are suitable, let the two stomachs be Asian, especially the Korean J brothers, a homemade kimchi, because the genes are in love with a variety of kimchi kimchi, not only that, drinks and beverages, incredible start out Khan, spicy, hot, simple and J brother his national food “Kimchi Soup” is as similar as 90%. After an unexpected encounter with an old friend from a foreign country, Brother J simply called it a sauerkraut.

The bar is located on the main street and is decorated with medieval wood carvings or paintings and is known for its cuisine. No wonder the sauerkraut soup is delicious. When we look at the menu, we also notice that the store offers special Slovak, college students, only one or two European match stews can eat the main course, the beer is almost free, look around the table that looks like young students, they wear a Old clothes that are dusty, pull out the bread soup, or pair with potato dough, and some can even drink a beer. J said that there are also such stores near Seoul National University. If a male student comes to the restaurant, the cooking lady will give him a large part because in the past, the students were poor, especially boys, who never ate.

Never developed into a metropolis, this small city is a microcosm of Slovakia, squeezed between Austria, the Czech Republic and Hungary, pulled thin and backward. Although the poor are poor, people still have the custom of helping each other, quite old.

We ventured into the old town at night. Built in the 14th and 15th centuries, this ancient city peaked in the 18th century but later declined with the rise of neighboring Vienna and Budapest. Walking on a desolate and empty street, I saw a large, simple wooden castle, far from the cliffs of the city.


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