Sports nutrition. Do you have any supplements?


How do you need to cast muscle like the steel of Governor Schwarzenegger? It is not difficult to say: strong will and perseverance, scientific training methods, adequate sleep and rest, and reasonable nutrition. As long as your natural qualities can reach the above four points, even if you don’t practice the long-term, at least it will not be worse than Andy Lau. Reasonable nutrition here includes balanced and adequate food and high-purity sports supplements.

Sports nutrition supplements have been very popular abroad for nearly half a century. For Westerners who like to stay healthy, it is as popular as our health supplements and nutrient solutions. For Chinese bodybuilders, these inconspicuous bottles and cans placed in front of the gym are entering our lives at an extremely fast rate.

Sports nutrition red five

Sports nutrition is a good companion for sports and fitness. It can replenish the calories burned during exercise, repair damaged muscle tissue, promote metabolism, restore fatigue, balance nutrition, thereby improving physical fitness and enhancing exercise.

According to the composition and properties, sports nutrition products can be divided into five categories: protein and amino acids, creatine, fat reduction, family balance, carbohydrates and weight gain powder, which combine the above nutrients.

Protein and amino acids are the basic building materials of muscle and are the basic guarantee for long pieces. Creatine increases muscle strength and circumference, and it is an outstanding person for high intensity and extreme training. Reduced fat nutritional supplements can consume fat and achieve weight loss; maintaining the balance of internal environment nutrition is mainly used to supplement trace elements such as zinc and magnesium and various inorganic salts lost during exercise. Carbohydrates of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen are the cheapest and most basic nutrients that provide heat to the body.

Generally speaking, if you have a reasonable diet and normal physique, you are not engaged in heavy physical labor or just light physical activity, you do not need to deliberately supplement sports nutrients. Nutritional ingredients from meat, eggs, fruits, vegetables and other foods can basically meet your daily needs. Sports nutrition is not a fool’s nutrition. Don’t expect to get anything; eat without practice, you can’t grow meat and lose it. Sports nutrition is always a supplementary nutrient. It is not a substitute for meat, eggs, fruits, vegetables. Even if you add a lot of the most advanced sports nutrition, professional bodybuilders can achieve excellent results. Basically, you need to rely on multiple meals a day. Absorb the main nutrients from food and rely on perseverance in practicing steel.

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Different sports strengths, the types and quantities of sports nutrients that need to be supplemented by different sports are different. Bodybuilders are the most demanding and demanding athletes in sports nutrition. The biggest regret of those professional bodybuilders before the 1980s was that they didn’t know these things and could only rely on multiple meals to replenish energy. At that time, professional sports nutrition has become the common point of European and American bodybuilders, which is also an important reason for the huge gap between Chinese bodybuilding and foreign countries.

Today’s professional bodybuilders are very happy. Shops and gyms are full of glass brands to choose from, and the price of a few hundred dollars is no longer out of reach. For bodybuilders, one-fifth of the red is indispensable. In order to increase muscle and gain weight, you need to lose fat. High intensity, a lot of exercise can cause great damage to muscles, can repair a lot of protein and amino acids, muscle fiber can recover and grow. Exceeding the limit of exercise, the ability to increase muscle mass, muscle mass and strength are basically proportional, to increase muscle strength, creatine can have twice the effect of half the effect, it can also increase explosive muscle and endurance and circumference. Intense training can also result in large losses of water, trace elements and inorganic salts. It is important to supplement the nutrients that are designed to maintain the balance of the internal environment. Such nutrients include complex electrolyte energy powder, zinc-magnesium mixture, joint treasure and the like. Glutamine has recently been found to be very effective in restoring fatigue, replenishing energy, repairing muscle fibers and improving immune function. The carbohydrates favored by high-intensity trainers are the cheapest but most basic of the five sports nutrients. It can’t grow or grow, but it’s a fuel that keeps the body alive. Lack of carbohydrates will lead to genus#


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