After drinking, there will be 3 kinds of “colors” on the face, indicating that the liver may be injured. Please check as soon as possible.


The health benefits of alcohol have often been heard in the past, so many people drank a few cups to stay healthy. They rarely know the Global Burden of Disease Research Group. A study has just been published on the Lancet, one of the world’s leading medical journals.

The study showed that drinking does not bring any health benefits and is the leading cause of death among young men aged 15-49 worldwide.

Among all the countries in the world, China has the largest number of drinking deaths, and about 70 million people drink alcohol each year. Drinking alcohol is very harmful to the body, but many friends are still addicted to alcohol.

Some friends turn red when they drink, and some turn white, but these facial colors are signals from the body. If the following colors appear on your face, it may indicate that you are not ready to drink:

1. Blush after drinking:

Presumably everyone has a few friends drinking red faces, and some even appear red in the whole body. Don’t try to convince someone to drink because they lack an enzyme called acetaldehyde dehydrogenase. It is an enzyme that is indispensable for the metabolism of alcohol. When this enzyme is not present, it accelerates the expansion of capillaries.

In this way, people who blush after drinking can no longer drink, alcohol metabolism can not completely accumulate in the body, causing great damage to the liver, and serious development of alcoholic cirrhosis, liver cancer and so on.

It became pale after drinking:

Alcohol metabolism requires not only acetaldehyde dehydrogenase but also alcohol dehydrogenase, which work together to completely metabolize carbon dioxide and water. Those who drink more and paler are also lacking these two enzymes. In order to metabolize alcohol, the body relies only on some enzymes in the liver that may seriously affect the liver and make it prone to disease for a long time.

3. Light blue after drinking:

As many of you know, turning to blue and black is primarily a sign of liver problems. Especially in patients with cirrhosis, the skin tends to darken and darken, which is also a typical “liver disease face”. Whenever you drink alcohol, your face will turn into this color. It is recommended that you stop drinking and avoid liver disease.

At the same time, it is necessary to go to the hospital in time to see if there is liver disease. This disease can be treated as soon as possible, and liver function can be improved and normal life can be restored.


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