1. If you have gingivitis or periodontitis, plaque will accumulate on the tooth surface. Bacteria in the plaque produce many harmful metabolites that cause damage to the gum tissue, causing inflammation of the gum tissue and gingival detachment. Some normal colors and shapes become red and swollen. Easy to bleed. The presence of some local stimuli, such as tartar, false dysfunction, mouth breathing, food impaction, etc., may also cause dental plate bleeding.

2, for diabetic patients, due to vascular disease caused by disease and low immunity, often lead to inflammation of periodontal tissue, gums are prone to bleeding. The hospital’s dental clinic received two young people who had long-term bleeding gums. After examination, they found that the cause of the bleeding was caused by a blood disease. If the patient or his family can notice bleeding gums, it won’t be so late. Found such a serious blood disease.

3. Blood diseases caused by hemorrhoids, liver disease, diabetes, etc. If you do not pay attention, you only need to use simple hemostasis method, which will not only play a role, but will delay the best time to treat the disease. The reason is that gum bleeding is an early symptom of the above diseases. For example, leukemia caused by leukemia is due to the presence of a large number of immature white blood cells in the gingival epithelium and connective tissue, high edema and degeneration of connective tissue, telangiectasia, tissue necrosis, severe inflammatory response, swelling of the gums and spontaneous bleeding. And it is not easy to stop.


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