Steam has a good effect on the body, such as increasing blood flow, increasing cell activity, lowering fat and lowering cholesterol, and preventing various cancers.

1. Increase cell activation, enhance lymphatic circulation, accelerate the elimination of heavy metals and toxins in the human body, and improve the immune function of the human body.

2, increase blood flow, accelerate blood circulation, increase the body’s oxygen content.

3, sweating when sweating is not sticky, no odor, moisturizing effect on the skin, can make the skin smooth, delicate and elastic, can make the hair shiny without dandruff.

4, exclude human body fat, lower blood lipids and cholesterol, and promote fat burning.

5. Purify the blood. Far infrared rays promote blood circulation and microcirculation in the human body. The high-voltage negative electric field increases the energy of blood cells, greatly increases the energy of exercise, and completely metabolizes the toxins accumulated in the blood and excess nutrients.

6, one of the latest hyperthermia for cancer prevention and cancer treatment.

7. Regulate the autonomic nerves. By sub-sympathetic nerve stimulation by negative ions, the regulation of human autonomic nerves can improve sleep quality and quickly eliminate symptoms such as tension, fatigue, headache, dizziness, insomnia, constipation, irritability and back pain.

8, improve the symptoms of physical strain. The far infrared rays emitted by the tourmaline in the steam chamber can penetrate deep into the human body, act on the ligaments and muscle tissues near the human bones, dilate blood vessels, dredge the meridians, and utilize blood circulation and metabolism.

9, regulate endocrine. The activation of endocrine cells and the regulation of autonomic nerves can restore the normal physiological functions of endocrine glands. The proper secretion of various hormones in the human body can effectively improve various diseases caused by endocrine disorders and promote the secretion of hormones.


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