If you only have false myopia, you don’t need to wear glasses. The main reason for children’s pseudo-myopia is that the learning burden is too heavy and the eye time is too long. In the short term, vision loss is mainly pseudomyopia. As long as the eyes rest properly and the ciliary muscles are removed, vision will return to normal. If you wear glasses, as the optical lens changes, the eyes will gradually form true myopia. As long as the eyes are used properly, pay attention to eye health, a balanced diet, more participation in outdoor sports, scientific massage and treatment, will be effectively improved.

If it is determined that the degree of the eye is true myopia, the degree is irreversible and the maximum cannot be further deepened. At this point you should choose a pair of glasses that suits you. Different degrees of wearing glasses have different wearing times. Low myopia, do not need to wear glasses all the time. Because low myopia does not cause inconvenience to life, and does not increase the risk of myopia without wearing glasses for a long time like high myopia.

However, moderate to high myopia must always be worn with glasses. Moderate myopia can not clear the object of the object, you need to rely on glasses to normal life, while wearing glasses, will not put a heavy burden on the glasses, to avoid deepening myopia. In general, for patients with mild myopia below 100 degrees, if you do not wear glasses in your daily life, you can only choose to wear glasses when using a computer for reading and writing.


In some cases, myopia is accompanied by other eye diseases such as strabismus, amblyopia or astigmatism. In this case, the treatment of the glasses is more complicated than simple myopia. Opticians should be advised to choose regular eye hospitals and large optical shops with optometry related documents. The first optometry should use a dilated optometry and measure the true diopter through the ciliary muscles of the eye. After that, you can wear glasses according to the actual degree. It is best to try on the glasses repeatedly to find the glasses that are best for you. At the same time, myopia is not static, especially for children, should be regular optometry, glasses replacement.


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