1.Influence biological clock

Using more than an hour of mobile phones, tablets or other electronic products that shine on the bed can reduce the total amount of melatonin produced by people by about 22%. Once human melatonin is suppressed to this extent, the human physiological cycle is also affected. The direct effect is that people are always in a state of mild sleep, and even greatly reduce people’s sleep time.

2. Affect vision

Separate left and right, the pressure on the left and right eyes is the biggest, so if you don’t go out for a month, the left and right eyes will be biased. Intraocular pressure can lead to insufficient blood supply. When the eyes are long, the eyes will have a sense of expansion and the short-term images will overlap. This is not a drop of eye drops will be good!

3. Influencing intelligence

The radiation of the mobile phone is relatively large, and the screen has two kinds of body signals of radiation and radiation. Human blood needs to maintain a balance of positive and negative charges. Screen radiation has a slight effect on this balance. Although not big, there are still some shortcomings. Looking at the phone for a long time will also affect your vision. It is recommended to use less mobile phones when sleeping at night. In addition, the signals received by the phone affect the nervous system of the human brain and reduce intelligence for a long time.

4. Damage to the skin

The radiation of people on mobile phones should not be underestimated. When people use their phones, they are close to the face and have a certain effect on the skin. They are not sure if they will have long spots, but they are definitely not suitable for the skin and are prone to acne.


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