When you have no time and space, you should exercise best.


There are many ways to combine aerobic exercise with weight lifting, and each method has its own advantages. If you are pressed for time and space and equipment are limited, then compound is the best choice.
“The complex is a group of exercises that use a fitness device,” says Joe Dowdell, a New York-based fitness coach, such as a barbell, dumbbell, bell or suspension instructor. These movements are back-to-back, and you have to complete every movement of the elevator before resting.
“It’s very time-saving and it’s good for losing weight because you’ve done a lot of work in a short time — 15-30 minutes,” Dowdell said.
Use this recommendation:
Choose the elevator that attracts each other. For example, do a drape cleaner and bring the barbell to your shoulder so you can seamlessly do a squat. Once you squatted on top, you could easily execute an overhead press.
Connect four to eight exercises, five to seven for each exercise. Do all the delegates as a step, then proceed to the next step. Recover from 45 to 90 seconds in a round, or until your heart rate reaches 60% to 65% of the maximum. Repeat four to six rounds.
Use the same weight for each exercise in this series. Your weakest elevator will ultimately determine the load you are using. For example, you can certainly squat forward weight more than you can top pressure, but you will have to use your pressure weight for the entire series. It doesn’t matter, because the compound is used to regulate, not to maximize muscle gain – weight is just a way to increase heart rate. “It’s best to start with a lighter start,” Dowdell said. “Sometimes the bar itself is built up slowly.”

In order to get complete fitness knowledge, please refer to the Encyclopedia of healthy muscle of men. This book is full of exercise routines, useful training techniques, and the definition of almost every term you want to know about a gym.
Zero time, zero space barbell complex
For this exercise, do every exercise in sequence. Complete six delegates in turn, and then rest until your heart rate returns to its peak of 60-65% (if you have one, wear a heart rate monitor; if not, rest for 45-90 seconds). Repeat four to five rounds. You can exercise three times a week in discontinuous days.
This exercise is written on barbell, but you can also use two dumbbell or steel bell.
First of all, use your hands to hold the cross bar in front of your shoulders at the width of your shoulders. Your feet should be separated. Bend your hips and knees, so that the rods fall to above the knees. Your head, spine and pelvis should be consistent, and your core should be tight (think: ribs down).
Then, explosively stretch your hips and knees, like a jump, while shrugging your shoulders and pulling the bar forward of your torso. When the stick reaches the bust, bend your elbow, turn your wrist, grab the stick around the shoulder, palm toward the ceiling. Bend your hips and knees, when you grab the stick to absorb the impact.


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