9 mark is the time to break up with your gym.


Broken equipment has not been repaired.
If you live in an apartment that damages electrical appliances and the landlord has never been able to repair it, you may either take legal action or find a new place to live when your lease arrives. Similarly, when equipment fails, a well-functioning gym will take the necessary steps to keep it fixed and fast, especially during overnight transportation and the Task Rabbit era. If it takes weeks to repair damaged equipment, it reflects that the gym either has no money or is indifferent to space conditions. Either way, this is a sign that your gym is worth dumping.

It takes more than 30 minutes to get there.
How often do you want to spend more than 24 hours a day? Exactly? Rhetorical question. Spending a lot of time commuting to the gym is an automatic reason to change your sweat. For some people – depending on where you live – even 20 to 30 minutes may be too far away. For example, in a city, it is advisable to choose a gym that walks 15 minutes or distance from the subway. Not only that, it’s easy to find excuses when it’s cold, dark or late. If the gym is very near, you can use fewer excuses to remake barbell (or training camp) for buffy.

The fitness course offered is not for you.
Maybe when you join the gym, you like class schedules and coaches. But somewhere, your favorite coach finds a new job, and your favorite Pilates class swaps with Zumba or the HIT class you can’t get into (then). A lot of.Bulpees! Take this opportunity to provide courses for other gymnasiums. When you are there, pay attention to the type and time of the course to see if they will make you more excited.

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You pay too much price.
A recent survey by supplementary and fitness firm Myprotein found that Americans spend an average of about $34,000 a lifetime on gym memberships, personal trainers or exercise programs. “A sign should make you think about breaking up with the gym when you start balancing your checkbook so you can afford it,” said iFit trainer Becca Capell. Although everyone has a different financial threshold, fitness enthusiasts can use some affordable alternatives to their bank accounts. Capel suggested buying treadmills or rowers and a set of weights to build a family gym. There are countless free fitness apps that are both challenging and applicable at all levels.
The space is dirty

The gym is full of sweaty people. Some gyms have built a community, and everyone will wipe their equipment after use. Some gyms are not. But in addition to the treadmill and the handle of the kettle, there are many places in the gym that need cleaning. If there are fur balls in the corner, dirt in the shower and sink, dust in unwelcome equipment, holes in the mat or carpet, it’s a dirty gym. Considering that you can receive infection in a dirty gym, this should be automatic.

No community
For some people, forming a # fitfam may be more important – for example, CrossFit athletes and yoga practitioners – than others. But if you haven’t met in the first few months, it’s worth considering a change, says Alena Luciani, a certified power and regulation expert and founder of Training2xl. “I work in a place where everyone knows your name. But even if your gym isn’t so friendly, it usually takes three to four months for people who sweat to form small communities.

You have to ask yourself if your community is important to you personally, but a group of fitness friends can increase responsibility and comfort. “At least, you don’t want to go to the gym with a bunch of people who annoy you,” Luciani joked.

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The overall atmosphere is not encouraging.
“When you walk into the gym, there’s bound to be an atmosphere. “If you walk in and the atmosphere makes you feel self-conscious or generally discouraged, switch to the gym,” Luciani says. If coaches and staff are unfriendly, and customers are sending out a negative or overly competitive atmosphere, this is a huge warning sign. “You will be able to feel whether the energy of the gym is suitable for you during the one or two visit. Pay attention to it. ”

She added that it is worth recording this atmosphere every few months. “If new customers come in, management changes, or your needs change, the atmosphere of the gym may change, so please continue to check in.”

Gymnasium adopts high voltage sales strategy
When you see it, you know the game: you don’t think you can do a biceps curl without a personal trainer trying to persuade you to invest in some one-on-one training. “You don’t want to go to the gym. Every time you walk through the door, the trainer will try to measure your gym.


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