Exact check: Once again, legislators are stretching the facts about Obama’s health care reform


Exact check: Once again, legislators are stretching the facts about Obama’s health care reform
President Obama and elected Vice President Mike Burns were on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, raising objections to the health care law signed by Obama. Republicans promised that once they controlled Congress and the White House, they would abolish the “Affordable Care Act” as their first business.

Obama urged his Democratic Party to do everything in its power to uphold the law. If it fails, the Democrats plan to hold the Republicans responsible for the damage caused by any disruption that could be triggered. Both parties are trying to position themselves as protectors of American health care while calling each other a dangerous threat.

As usual, the truth may be somewhere in between. Here, we carefully study some of the ideas put forward by both parties:

President-elect Trump issued a tweet before dawn warning that “the Republicans must be cautious because Demes has a failed Obama medical disaster, with low coverage and a significant increase in premiums…”

Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan responded to Trump. “This law has failed,” Ryan told reporters. “We know that things will only get worse during Obama’s medical reform. It’s about people paying higher premiums every year and can’t stop it. It’s about the high deductible for family payments, don’t even think you have health insurance. In many parts of the country, as you have always heard, even if you want to seek better coverage, you still insist on a choice. A choice is not a choice. It is a monopoly. The health care system has been destroyed, Obama was demolished under medical reform.”

Claim: Obama’s medical reform has been affected by a “significant increase”

Fact check: In some cases it is correct, but it is also relative. Obama’s medical reform is actually cheaper than the plan offered by the average employer.

Many people buy health insurance at the government-run exchanges of the Obama Medical Reform Organization, and this year’s premiums have doubled.

This is the ‘chaos’ and ‘order’ in the first fight against the abolition of Obama’s medical reform

The average cost of the benchmark program has increased by 25% nationwide, but there are considerable differences between states. Arizona’s premiums rose an average of 116%, while Indiana and Massachusetts’ premiums actually fell. Most people who buy insurance on an exchange receive government subsidies, which helps pay for the cost.

Through the study of City College last year, it was found that even without subsidies, the cost of selling a policy on an exchange was about 10% less than that offered by a typical employer. The exchange policy may seem more expensive because part of the cost of the workplace plan is usually paid by the employer and is therefore essentially invisible to the employee.

Claim: “Under Obama’s medical reform, you are trapped inside an option”

Fact check: Most of the time it is not the case, but the facts are getting more and more.

The Obama Medical Insurance Exchange’s competitiveness has declined as some insurance companies have lost money and left the market. One-fifth of the clients in this year’s exchange have only one insurance company to choose from (2% in 2016). Nearly six out of ten customers can choose three or more companies. In rural areas and in the South, the lack of competition that can lead to price increases is often more serious.

Obama made the final effort for his signature health care law

Insurance companies struggled in part because of the younger, more healthy than the number of applicants. Proponents of the “Affordable Care Act” say they can be remedied through more generous subsidies to encourage registration or to impose more severe penalties on those who fail to enroll. Obama also reiterated the idea of ​​public insurance choices to complement private products.

Claim: “The health care system has been destroyed and was dismantled under Obama’s medical reform”

Facts confirm that prices have risen faster before Obama’s medical reform.

Most Americans under the age of 65 still receive health insurance through their employers, although this percentage has been slowly declining. Since the adoption of the ACA, the insurance costs provided by employers have risen. However, in the decade before the law was passed, the annual price increase was much larger. Part of the savings from lower premium growth is offset by higher deductibles.

Although Republicans have emphasized the shortcomings of the “Affordable Care Act,” Democrats have warned that abolition will be even more serious.

Democratic Senate leader Chuck Schumer said on Wednesday that “the Republicans will not try to further ensure that all Americans can afford medical services, but try to steal health care from millions of Americans, thereby causing the entire economy. Confusion.” He and the Democratic Party colleagues presented a mocking slogan for the Republican Party: “Let the United States fall ill again.”

Schumer also said that the abolition of Obama’s medical reform will hurt rural hospitals, “just in their heart. They immediately abolish these hospitals, [hospitals] will suffer tremendously,” he said.

Claim: ACA abolishes “take away health care from millions of people”

Fact check: Yes, if Republicans don’t protect them or replace ACA with insurance.

The Affordable Care Act expands Medicaid by combining subsidized personal policies, allowing young people to follow parental plans and extend health insurance coverage to approximately 20 million Americans. Uninsured interest rates have fallen to a record low of around 10%. If 19 states do not refuse to expand Medicaid, coverage will still be higher.

In the fiasco of the ethics office, Google search for lawmakers soared. a bit

If the Republican-controlled Congress abolishes the “parity medical law,” many newly insured Americans will face the risk of losing insurance. In addition, if the market is disrupted, millions of people who purchase personal insurance policies on exchanges may be at risk. The city’s research institute estimates that as many as 300,000 people are at all likely to lose their health insurance, and the uninsured rate has doubled.

Republicans are committed to an orderly transition because they are trying to replace Obama’s health care reform, and the effective date of any abolition may be delayed for many years. However, once the individual markets that have identified Obama’s health care reform are eliminated, insurance companies may be reluctant to participate.

Claim: Rural hospitals will be affected

FACT CHECK: Yes, if it is completely abolished, it is also because of the way the ACA is structured.

Concerns about the hospital reflect the trade-offs of the ACA seven years ago. The government has reduced the hospital’s fees for treating health insurance patients and the poor, which is expected to be offset by payments from millions of new insurers.

The hospital is concerned that if the abolition of the law would reduce the scope of insurance but could not restore other payments, they might leave a lot of unpaid bills. The American Hospital Association and the United States Hospital Federation urged Congress and the incoming Trump administration to either protect insurance or replace hospital payments.


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