“Sweden is the ideal place for my business.”


“Sweden is the ideal place for my business.”

Terstegge, a former resident of eight different countries, describes herself as a lifelong person. She set up the sport’s dual passions last year, combining swedes’ love of the sport with her husband’s little time wasted working with air France.

“This balance is a very big concept in the Netherlands,” she explains. “I know they are looking for a franchise owner and entrepreneur to bring it abroad. “It’s perfect for Sweden because health and fitness are very important for swedes, just like outdoor activities. “Even children have to be outdoors three to four hours a day,” she says, laughing.

Mother’s balance may be a mature brand in the Netherlands, but Terstegge, a franchisee, has benefited from its own logo and website style, and she stresses the importance of the concept in adapting to the Swedish way in which parents share parental leave for up to 480 days.

“In the Netherlands, you can’t take your child to class, but that’s because when you get home, you leave the baby for three months, take care of the baby and go back to work,” she said. “Here, I told headquarters, if I told clients they couldn’t accept them, it wouldn’t work. Women have a year’s maternity leave and want to do something about it. ”

“I must adapt myself to time, too. Working days are shorter. “You have to see what Sweden has done,” she added.

While there is a need to adjust some key details to local lifestyles, one aspect seems to suit Sweden. All balance training is done outdoors, no matter the weather, rain during normal travel and exercise, snow country, and even drivers who know her business is likely to suffer.

“People here sent their children out in the rain for three hours and everything was right. “They can go out and they’re ready to wear winter clothes,” she said. “You notice that after we were born, mothers took their children with them. Even at zero, they just wrap the baby up, cover it in the car, and do it.

This is not plain sailing. One of the most common complaints from Swedish stores is that many of the rules and regulations are likely to slow, and Telstege is already in northern Europe.

“Sweden has a lot of bureaucracy or rules,” she admits. “There are things I want to do to solve the Skatteverket problem or get permission to work in the park, which means it takes some time to arrange things. With a park permit, you have to pay for it, go to town hall, talk to the police, and the police talk to the city. Then the city calls you “She smiled.

While occasionally frustrating, Terstegge is keen to stress that she has received a lot of help in implementing her business, and in other cases Sweden’s preference for detail will accelerate.

“People are very helpful here. Everyone speaks English. “Even though my bookkeeping is difficult, because I have to have Swedish software, you can always call people,” she said. “People can really help your people. Do you want insurance? You make calls and organize within a day. So it’s easy to put everything together. ”

People who are still in the early stages of planning are also impressed.

“In towns and villages have NyforetagarCentrum new business owners (center), they also have something called the Stockholm. They can help business planning and financial planning. They are very helpful and offer English courses. ”

Sports fans argue that there is still a lack of international support in the dire areas of VAT rebates and bookkeeping. For starters unfamiliar with Swedish financial jargon, these are two daunting tasks.

“I want them to go further and offer more basic courses such as VAT and bookkeeping,” she advises. “The next step is difficult. I wanted to do my own bookkeeping, like I did for the company, but you bought Swedish bookkeeping software, you look at it, you think ‘good’ ‘”.

But overall, Terstegge thinks working in Sweden makes her company easier.

Stockholm is an easy city compared to other countries, flat organizations are easier to achieve. “I had a very positive experience,” she concluded.

The balance mom has shown that three Bromma, Danderyd and downtown Stockholm have been hit hard in Sweden, where entrepreneurs say her business is not doing well.

“I need it. I just need to create demand supply. I think Sweden is an ideal place for my business. “


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