You have to see a mother watching her baby hear the virus for the first time


Be prepared to cry because it’s probably the warmest video you’ll see all week.

In the clip, 1-year-old ella ressler sits on her mother Anna’s lap. Ella was born deaf, but she had just fitted with a cochlear implant, which allowed her to hear. Doctors at cook children’s medical system in Texas have decided To document the moment ella first heard a voice last month.

They also caught the moment when her ecstatic mother wept with joy. The video was posted on the hospital’s YouTube channel and then spread quickly, showing a staggering 73,600 views.

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As video AIRS in 26 seconds, you can see Anna start to cry, while ella walks around smiling and touches her right ear. Once, ella’s father will wiped away tears. After four hours of surgery, a cochlear implant was placed in every ear of Ella’s ear, and emotions immediately emerged.

When I saw her happy, dancing, and responding to her voice for the first time in her life, I just lost it because we had waited so long,” Anna told Fox 4 News.

Will and Anna Shared more in a q&a on cook’s children’s website, explaining that this has been the case since their daughter was operated on and became a viral infection.

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“The we have a lot of time preparing for life without Ayla hearing. We had to give up something, like she knew our voice, music’s voice, laughter. We must be prepared for her to see her enjoy life in a different way.

When the couple discovered that cochlear implants were their daughter’s choice, they were hopeful. “The voice became her reality again and we are very grateful,” they said.

Since getting the cochlear implant, Eslers says there are still some challenges, but Ayla is happy to adapt to what she can hear.

“She danced for music and when we sang to her, she started to calm down,” says Mr Estlers. We really can’t thank our little girls anymore for new opportunities for everyone in our lives. “


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