The best dress to wear at work.


Isabel Spearman, a brand and image consultant, was a special advisor to Samantha Cameron on Downing Street. Every week, she provides a dress code that helps the hand to analyze overalls and provides modern dressing.
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In this week’s column, she handles the right skirt for the office…
Q: I live in my office pants, but I think my wardrobe needs to be updated, take a deep breath, and a skirt. Where should I start?
A: I bought a Prada black wool pencil skirt from a charity store in Newcastle. This was the first thing I bought. I am proud of my discovery. When I started my career, I often wear it. At that time I was trying to be taken seriously. However, it rides on the buttocks, swings around the waist and undoes everything before me. I consciously pulled my skirt down most of the time, completely self-defeating.
Check skirt, 159, Hugo Boss; Rokh pleated skirt, 455, Net-a-Porter.
In order to avoid the same situation, it is important to find the right style and fit – once you do this, the skirt is a good workwear. The length of the skirt depends on how you feel about your legs. I hate my knees (a very common problem), but I am very satisfied with my ankles, so everything from below the knee to the ankle is my favorite. I prefer a-skirts, because as long as I put the top half in, they will make my pear-shaped figure look good. In general, the upper body is best clipped to the waist, or at least at the waist, to balance the ratio. A cut-fit sports jacket, the better fit the body, not too long in the body, but also in the skirt to highlight the waist (or create an illusion).

Studio dress asymmetric skirt, £ 55, Debenham company; splash print dress, £ 120, puzzle
Don’t think you need to stick with black and dark blue clothes. Like Jigsaw’s splash prints or Hugo Boss’ cheques, the prints match a clean white shirt or simple navy sweater. Preen’s outstanding collection of Debenhams includes a striped skirt with a perfect clamshell. If you like color blocks, try to keep the shades of all shades to avoid looking too company-like, such as a khaki skirt with a creamy top.
As for shoes, the shorter the skirt, the lower the heel. A medium length heel and an elegant but thick lazy person balance everything on the knee.


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