How does breastfeeding help Jenny Mollen find she has a thyroid problem?


Jenny Mollen is an actress, best-selling author, mother of four years old Sid and seven-month-old Lazlo. In the years since she became “mom,” she has learned a lot from male anatomy to finding sexual behavior (or fixing her feet). If you follow her on Instagram or twitter, you might laugh or share her hilarious thoughts about birth and married life with actor Jason Biggs.
She is now working with Stayfree after noticing some of the post-pregnancy urination problems. “Sometimes I urinate for no reason,” moron told the ministry of health. “when I jump on a trampoline, only a little. When the trampoline finds you, look into its eyes, don’t be afraid, reach for your bag, and take out a Stayfree super-thin one-piece pad, you’ll be fine. You can run, you can jump, you can do whatever you want. ”
About public breastfeeding.
“Once you have a baby may be in the second week, and had to through your breast feeding the baby, so it becomes more than your baby, you just stop caring] [in the public. You’re like, ‘okay, who CARES? ‘I wish I could take them off my body, tie them to my husband, and go to sleep. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work [like that]. ”
She was found to have hyperthyroidism.
“I like ‘maybe this is what happened’ because I can’t breastfeed for long [as I did with Sid]. I thought, ‘wow, I think you’re just super fast. ‘then I sank so low that I made a mistake. I know it. I’m working on it now. I don’t want anyone to think I’m anorexic. I just want to tell the truth about what happened. ”
About raising boys
“I didn’t realize there was nothing between the penis and the testicles. It’s just skin. It’s like, I’m going to wipe my son, and my husband says to me, “Jenny, what do you think is there? ! Another jerk? There’s nothing there, man, just you know. ”
She doesn’t expect to enjoy parenting.

“How nice not to be with your kids. I think when I was a parent, I just wanted to be with the kids 24/7, but right now, I can be on the subway, it feels like Hawaii. ”
The worst of the day.
“(I didn’t realize) how hard it was to get the kids to bed. I just think you put them in the room. It turned out to be a two-hour ritual. “Every night.
Having sex after pregnancy.
“Maybe it’s just that we’ve been married for so long, and you know you can always have it. It’s not exciting. It’s like maybe if there’s this evil force trying to separate us, I’ve always wanted to sleep with him. But because I can do it at any time, I lose my excitement. ”
How do she keep in touch with her husband?
“I think we’re always joking. We don’t take very long. We can talk about things like my thyroid gland. I’m like ‘Jason, thank you for coming, but I really hope it happens to you, not me. ‘so there is always a way to inculcate it with my own pessimism. ”
In her (evolving) self – care program.
“I’m going to start acupuncture, so I’m going to be vigilant about this kind of thing. I absolutely make sure I take the time to do things for myself, although I do it most of the time, but I’m not always doing what sid told me to do. Sometimes I make sure I can go out with my husband or fix my foot. Even because of my child, I might get two fixes every six months. “


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