American soldiers receive the world’s first penis and scrotal transplant.


A team of doctors in the United States successfully carried out the first penis and scrotal surgery in the world.
Surgeons at Johns Hopkins university in Baltimore, Maryland have operated on a soldier wounded by a bomb in Afghanistan.
They use penises, scrotum, and part of the abdominal wall from deceased donors.
They say soldiers should be able to restore sexual function, which is not possible in penile reconstruction.
On March 26, 11 surgeons completed the transplant within 14 hours.
It was the first operation of a combat veteran on duty, and the first transplant included the entire tissue section of the scrotum and the surrounding abdominal region.
Doctors say donor testicles have not been transplanted because of ethical considerations.
WP, director of the plastic and reconstructive surgery at Johns Hopkins university, Dr Lee on Monday telephone report said: “although the limb amputation, disability, but some war injuries are hidden, its influence has not been widely appreciated of others. ”
Dr Lee described genital trauma as “self-evident war damage”.
“Hosted at Johns Hopkins, titled ‘relationship after injury’ 2014 conference, we from the wounded soldier’s spouse, family members and caregivers heard urogenital injuries to their identity, self-esteem and the destructive impact of intimate relationships,” he said.
“When I woke up for the first time, I finally felt as normal as I was now,” the soldier, who wished to remain anonymous, said in a statement from the university.
His injuries were due to the strengthening of the stealth bomb in Afghanistan.

In medical terms, surgery is known as vascularized composite allograft – all of which involves grafting skin, bones, muscles, tendons and blood vessels.
The Johns Hopkins genital transplant program, which funded the operation, initially focused on post-traumatic cases, especially wounded soldiers, because their trauma often made traditional choices impossible.
The team’s experts expect the soldiers to recover fully within six to 12 months.
Dr. Rick Redett, clinical director of the urogenital transplant program, said the soldier had recovered well and was expected to be discharged this week.
“We hope that such a life-enhancing transplant will restore his urinary and sexual function and lead to a more normal life,” Dr. Redter said. “Our goal is also to provide surgery for other suitable patients in the future.”
The transplant team also said the university had approved 60 cases of genital transplants as part of the program.
The first penis transplant in the United States is in Boston in 2016.
In 2014, surgeons in South Africa performed the world’s first successful penis transplant.


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