How to stay healthy while traveling doesn’t ruin your vacation?


Last month, I went far beyond my comfort zone and booked a trip to Italy – alone. For a month after leaving the Boston marathon, I refused to let my high sports goals stop me from enjoying my foreign travel. Because when the italians call, you answer the phone. Cue all pizza. Fresh pasta. Ham. The cheese. Chianti. Gelatos jiahao.
That’s why I came back home the next day, to surprise myself (that’s the big word for a big relationship). I managed to go on a 10-day solo trip with a net gain of 2 pounds. Two of them. I’m so stupid. 2 pounds? I get and lose two pounds a day! Moral of the story: yes, I was indulgent, but I managed to maintain everything by making smart choices during my vacation.
Want to know how to stay healthy during the holidays without turning it into a full buzzkill? Here are 6 tips that are useful to me, and I think it applies to you as well.
Go for a run.
Yes, I ran abroad in my mind. But, I swear, there is no doubt that cutting miles is the best way to cover most of the country. Because your pace is faster than your leisure trip, you have the opportunity to learn more about your must-see schedule. Almost every morning, I wake up, lace up my shoes and go for a run. Some mornings, this is three miles. Other people, this is… More and more. To solve the longest training problem in Florence, I saw a 12-mile (more than twice) city on a short trip. I give priority to adding it to my daily work, just as I prioritize the consumption of chocolate and jelly filled croissants.
Bring a mini stick.
Small resistance bands are the simplest things to carry in a suitcase or carry-on. I recently saw a physiotherapist suggesting that I add a variety of hip joints to my daily routine, which would be effortless. It doesn’t matter. I didn’t go to the gym on my trip. I will recover from my normal operation and do some fashionable work, and then move on to other full-body toning exercises such as kneeling with biceps curls or squatting. Choose the four exercises you like and add 14 exercises to your morning routine immediately after you brush your teeth. After four episodes, your body will thank you for spending a few extra minutes in the morning giving it some love. (related: LIT method mini band butt exercise can ignite your butt flame)
3. Smart control.
Italy is a good place to eat. Each corner had a sandwich and fresh Parmesan cheese that had to be eaten, and there was an ice cream station every couple of feet. I didn’t say anything to it, but I knew exactly how I tried everything. For example, one of Florence’s most popular sandwich shops, All’Antico Vinaio, offers sandwiches for only five euros. Did I get the sandwich? Of course. But half the time, I heard my body, stopped eating, and saved the rest of the day the next day (luckily for me, I lived in an apartment with a complete kitchen).
Smart packaging.

I had a large drum case, and then I packed my MZ Wallace handbag, which I could use for two nights in Venice. In order to find my hotel and walk around the city, I consciously exchanged the side of my body, and I took the bag with me to find a temporary partner of the farmer’s carry-on items. It sounds silly, of course, but with that bag in two hours, my abs are on fire. Thanks, fashion and fitness.
Put on those sneakers.
One day I was on a trip wearing only high heels, and during the Airbnb experience I booked with local photographers for some photos (highly recommended). Otherwise, I’m sure all my clothes include a pair of sneakers. I packed two pairs of pairs – one for running and the other for the hip – so I had to excuse my “my foot hurts” in my play. I’m going to take all the things I need today in the morning, before I go home, change my direction before the aperitif, and travel through the city. With the right shoes, I never felt I needed to press the pause button, and I found it easy to skip a taxi from a taxi stand. (related: half-marathon training is one of the most memorable parts of my honeymoon)
Plan your diet.
Before going to Italy, I had listed all the restaurants and restaurants that had to be tried. Get advice from friends, family and the local people (my visit guide grew up in Venice, Italy and know the best from all the best to cicchetti tiramisu), but I’m not as a “good thing. This means that every bite is special and worth it. Believe me, there is no guilt in the Il Palagio taste of the villa at the four seasons hotel in Florence. You know what? To do my best, take a trip and remember my health in action, I will be better (and ready to play).


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