This super fun workout will make you forget that you’re exercising.


If you’re a dancing fan and you love HITT, then this is your ally in the order of zumba. It takes both the best and the best to fit into a sport, which is also super fun. Therefore, expect weight, muscle regulation, aerobic exercise and enhanced measurement to resist some of the original cool tunes that can be easily followed. And when you’re called celebrity coach janet Jenkins, who whips you from the ball of energy and pink to Alicia keys, it’s a good time to make sure.
Watch the video and the following creative and effective action, the action provides a good example, it is what kind of a one hour traditional Strong by Zumba classes (you can find here). Then put these steps into your next gym, not only to help you get stronger, but also to increase your automatic receiver.
Sequence 1 move
Battle stance
With one foot in front of the other, the knee is slightly bent, and the weight is constantly moving backwards. That means a positive recovery.
Samurai sword strike
Pretend you’re grabbing a samurai sword; When you step back, pull the sword back and hit it as you jump.
Knee to heal
Raise your right knee with one Angle and pat with your hand. Start off, and then immediately forward to the front of the right front; Pat the right heel on the ground. Pull the right foot back and repeat the whole sequence.
Travel knee
Stand up with your feet shoulder-width apart. Raise your left knee as much as possible and step down. Repeat right knee. As you move to one side, keep alternating.
Battle line grinding
Pretend you’re holding both ends of your arm in front of your hips with arm length, and your hands shoulder-width apart. The core and behavior of the Brace is as loud as when you jump on one side.
The combat rope squatted.
Similar to a combat rope shattering, except where you stay in one place, jump higher and pause after a “jump rope”.
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Sequence 2 move
Jump jack to the knee.

Keep your chest high, extend your legs, and come back and lift your left knee. Lower the knee, then jump the leg, then insert again, then raise your right knee. Start down and repeat; Keep alternating.
Cotsey stabbed to the side.
Feet stand together; Move your left foot behind your right leg and place your right knee in a lunge position as if you were making a curtsey. Press your feet to stand, and when you push your hips, step on one side of your left foot and lower it in one direction. Repeat.
Stand with your feet apart and your knees slightly bent. When you lift your left foot, swing forward to your waist. Push your right foot away and explode to the left. Bend your knee slightly and fall on your left foot. Touch your right toe behind your left foot. Push off your left foot and explode to the right, landing on your right foot, touching your left toe. Repeat, alternate sides.
Jack cross
When standing, your feet should be wide apart. When the left hand moves downwards and to the right, turn the left leg and rotate the left knee. Start again, jump up, crisscross, and jump back. Repeat.
Press + to play
When standing, your feet should be wide apart. When the left hand moves downwards and to the right, turn left and turn left. Step into your left foot, turn your body to the left, turn your hips, and kick your right leg sideways. Keep your feet bent. Start your calf back.


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