It seems to have abandoned the broken engagement ring on the Internet.


A person’s heart is another lucky – at least this is Virginia beach man give up hope that through online game coveted ring and walk out from the engagement he failed.
To get in, couples (ideally those who can’t afford engagement rings) have to submit a video to Steven Crocker that tells their story online.
If the story resonates with crocker, the couple will be the new owner of the $1, 700 platinum ring.
According to the New York post, crocker made a recommendation to his girlfriend last year, but never had the chance to finish the relationship one month ahead of schedule.
Crocker tried to sell the ring but was not satisfied with the offer he had received.
“I tried to sell the ring to a few places, and provides a very depreciation value, I don’t want to take the money, because it’s not related to money, for me, this is about love, I don’t want to see a good ring to waste, so I will give it up,” he wrote in a Facebook Posting at the weekend. “I’ve thought a lot about it, obviously in the timestamp of this article, you can tell it it keeps me going at night.”
So crocker decided to play, hoping that a couple struggling to make money would find happiness.
He wrote: “it’s not the most glamorous ring in the world, but it could make someone happy for the rest of their lives.”
Crocker’s move seems to resonate with social media.
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“It’s so sweet for you,” kristin Montgomery said of Facebook. “Thank you for helping a couple. I hope you can find a good family in the future. ”
“When I see this, I pray that your ex has changed his mind,” writes Kathleen Jayne Flippo.
“I’m sorry about you,” said Charlene Mortillo. “But what you’re doing is really great. It will only bring joy to your heart. Thank you for offering this. ”
The 3.5-yard ring comes from Kay Jewelers, including a half-carat diamond in 14 carat platinum.
As of Thursday, crocker reported that he had received more than 400 rings, but had not read all of them.
“I will slowly start to weaken them and accept more until I find one,” he said. “It wasn’t until I read all these lucky people that I chose one of the lucky ones and the content was stable; I don’t know when. “


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