According to one of the most powerful people in the world, the seven most basic rules of building quality.


A rookie weightlifter usually has a basic goal: quality. Again, building muscle is the primary task for every young gunner in the gym, and that’s important for the skinny guy who just started lifting weights.
So who better to ask a massive construction of fitness myths? Stan “rhino” evaldine is an IFBB professional bodybuilder and world record holding weightlifter. Stan is referred to as “the strongest bodybuilder in the world”, and is any weight level only in the history of one of the six men, he accumulated more than 2300 pounds in the game, he did at the age of 45.
Here, Efferding offers some grim, hard facts about getting bigger, getting stronger and getting thinner. The application of these seven principles and results is guaranteed.
For most players going to the gym, the ultimate goal is to build muscle – and, of course, to get rid of those unwanted pounds. But in order to maximize muscle growth, what is the perfect set? Recent research into Brazilian naval cadets has provided new insights.
In six months, a Brazilian navy group of students from regular exercise training camp in the rest, to carry out a weight training experiment – every time practice a set of three or five group, and track the increase of strength.
The result? According to a study published in the journal of strength and regulation research, five people showed significantly higher muscle mass than the other two groups, and their 5-rep Max was also higher.
The results were returned to the “five/five representative” model of coach Don Saladino, co-owner of New York City’s Drive495 gym, for large lifts such as bench press and squat.
But for unilateral movements such as side bows and single-leg squats, only two or three sets are made to improve athletic ability. “you’re not doing it to increase muscle mass,” he says. For more tips on exercising lean weight, check out these 10 ways to make your entire body and 15 of the most basic facts about building muscles possible.
Looking at fitness models, former NFL quarterback and strength coach mark megner, it’s hard to imagine him making progress in the gym.
Fortunately, he experienced the same peaks and valleys as the rest of us, and he learned how to enjoy the former and avoid the latter. Here is his technique to overcome the loss of plateau fat, muscle strength and strength.

Turn off your diet.
“If you’re on a strict diet, because you’re low in calories, it’s hard to grow muscle,” says megner. It also means your metabolism will stagnate or slow down, and it will become harder to burn fat. “You need to eat,” said Meg. Make sure you eat a high-carb diet at least once a week, and if the fat doesn’t fall off, consider adding another food. It may seem counterintuitive to eat fat while trying to slim down, but doing so will restart your metabolism, and it’s easier to make your diet easier when you start fresh. Cutting more calories isn’t the answer.
Rotary lift.
When you do the same exercise every week, you will reach a point, your body can’t adapt them more – you will become as effectively as you perform these elevator (temporarily). “Start changing it,” says Megna, who trains professional soccer players for Bommarito Performance Systems in Aventura, Florida. “We do a desktop press, and then we switch to the floor press next week and then press the board for the next week.” Although the practice you choose will force you to change the load you use, but you still can train the same muscle (so don’t, for example, if you tilt than using a printer on the flat bench when the weight of 25 pounds less, you do not need to worry about). The diversity of elevators changes the way these muscles are recruited, so your body won’t be able to figure out what you’re doing. It will make you stronger.


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