Three ways to control skin after birth control.


Birth control may be a major change for your skin. Giving up hormonal contraceptives can lead to acne, inflammation of the skin or a decisive increase in oil production. Yes, birth control and closure can cause side effects.
“Your skin can really get out of control,” says Dr. Ava Shamban, a Beverly hills dermatologist and founder of SKINxFIVE.
What’s behind the upheaval? Hormone progesterone and estrogen in birth control for the skin to create a stable environment, and points out the m.d., Ph.D., m.d., Ph.D., an mba, a board certified dermatologist and plastic surgeon, skin, m.d., Ph.D., assistant clinical professor at the university of medical director and San Diego, California. When you stop taking the pill, you destroy the peace.
This is good news: Dr Shamban says the process of confusing skin is temporary. The duration may vary, but you may expect to see your skin return to normal within a few months. However, this transitional period can be like your skin’s “hormonal roller coaster,” Dr. Shamban said. Think of it as the worst amusement park ride ever.
Eager to exit quickly and restore clear, consistent skin? Try these strategies.
Don’t wait until you stop taking the pill – the first hair loss – to manage your skin. M.d., a board-certified dermatologist and co-founder of Dr. Wang’s Dr. Dr. Dr. King’s Dr. Herbal care, recommends taking a holistic approach two to three months before quitting the pill. “You have to figure out your lifestyle, from stress levels to what you eat,” he said.
Maintain low pressure, ensure adequate sleep, and drink plenty of water. And watch what you eat. “Try to use high Ω 3 fat and anti-inflammatory diet of fruits and vegetables, and to minimize the Fried foods,” wang said. Because your gut interacts with your skin, he also recommends probiotics. “If you can control inflammation in your body, it can help relieve some of the skin inflammation.” (try these five meals containing a probiotics.)
Research skin care procedures

When you are waiting for your hormones to solve, “begin consistent skin care plan is very important,” said Dr Shamban, most likely, you are familiar with basic knowledge of the skin, but if the last several years or even decades, crisp skin let you complacent, I will wash my face in the morning! Here’s a quick response:
Your face. By cleaning your skin every day, Dr. Palm says, get rid of all the cosmetic and environmental contaminants that are exposed throughout your face. (more about using the cleaner below.)
On the road? Don’t let the oil stay on your skin. “One of the common symptoms of women is greasy skin,” said Dr. Wang, who recommends using oil pads to reduce sebum or oily secretions. Don’t have time for exercise? Try applying salicylic acid pads to your face, says Dr. Palm.
Don’t touch. Resist the urge to squash acne and pick your skin. “It just makes things worse,” Dr. Wang said.
Check the labels. Choose makeup and hair products that don’t make your skin worse. Make sure the package says “no acne”.
“Gold standard for the treatment of acne should be from local retinoic acid (such as retinoic acid, Ada palin, or his firm perotin) and benzoyl peroxide,” said Dr Palm, in a recent article published in the journal of American academy of dermatology consensus are proposed in this paper. A vitamin A product – A prescription derivative of vitamin A – can do several things, Dr. Wang explained: it reduces oil production, treatment for acne, and (bonus!). It reduces the signs of aging. Benzoyl peroxide is an active ingredient in the skin cleansers of many drugstores and can kill bacteria that cause acne.
For her patients, Dr. Palm usually prescribed benzoyl peroxide/clindamycin gel in the morning and local retinoic acid at night. (clindamycin is an antibiotic resistant to bacteria.)
Dr Shamban is a similar treatment strategy: “if you have sensitive skin, use mild acid cleaner in the morning and prescription of azelaic acid, using lightweight moisturizer at night, very gentle retinol is likely to be highly effective.” Retinol products are also derived from vitamin A, but can be bought at the counter and not as powerful as vitamin A. Salicylic acid cleaners can be found in drugstores to remove dead skin cells that clog pores, leading to white heads and blackheads. Your skin is oily, “says Dr Shamban.” you can do this except by adding benzoyl peroxide in the morning and adding a higher concentration of retinol in the evening. “


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