American skaters pass a ‘traumatic’ moment in front of the ice.


American ice hockey player evan Bates and Madison jock on Monday (Sunday night), the United States team took part in the first game of the 2018 winter Olympics, and in Tuesday’s game in seventh grade promotion in the event of the second half.
Bates later told reporters, in addition to all other things, everything is considered to be a dynamic performance, because the Chock for months in dealing with the foot injury during warm up again, in a few minutes before he took the ice.
“We just had a strange moment,” she later said, when Bates held up kroc. “It’s exactly the same as our original injury, so it’s just a trauma.”
“Considering the stumbling block to warm-up and Maddie take part in the game, this is incredible,” the 28-year-old Bates said, their 75.45 points behind the United States teammates zack donoghue, Madison huber and alex and Shibutani.
“We will definitely win that game and that score and we will have a special game tomorrow,” he said.
She was injured, and Chock, 25, explained to a group of reporters in a short time that it was a “osteochondral disease of my foot”.
Basically, “there is a loose bone fragment in the joint that is being held in the cartilage,” she said. “So when this happens (the moment of the warm-up), it just pushes it up and doesn’t feel good.”
“But I’ve been dealing with it all season, so it’s not that different,” she said. “I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing, maybe a little bit more ice and PT today.”
York has reportedly dated Joseph for about two years, and she stresses that discussions about her foot injuries – mostly classified – are not and will not be the focus of their attention. But she admitted to reporters that she was in pain after the game on Monday.
“It’s hard to say, but I think I’m used to it now,” she asked, telling people when she was asked how much pain she felt in the ice.
“Before it happened, it was like I was feeling good and unhurt,” Chock said. “But I have a feeling that it will be painful later in the day.”
As Bates recalls, kroc was first injured last summer, just before training camp.
“We did the exact same exercise (which they did later during the Olympics) and madi was hurt,” he said. “We were not even sure if we were going to be in the grand prix,” he said, referring to a series of international competitions.

But Chock records every day, she gets cortisone, she’s very quiet, she’s very tough, she’s tough, she’s slippery, “Bates says. “Then, we had 10 seconds left in the five minutes of the Olympic Games, and that’s just one of the things you can’t even write or imagine.”
Even so, before they entered the race, “I just knew Maddie was going to skate, and she was, and that’s just proof of her character,” says Bates.
“We don’t want anything to be taken away from our show this season,” jock told reporters why they had not discussed her injuries before.
“It’s an Olympic year and we don’t want it to be a focus,” she said. “We know it may come out in the end, but it’s definitely not the point. I mean, it’s still not my focus, because I’ve been dealing with it all season, and nothing has changed. We still skate a good free program and get ready to go. [I have] a great team, and I have a great support system next to me, so everything will be fine. ”
Bates and Chock, of course, have other things to discuss, including a colorful feathered suit inspired by the red and blue macaw she wears. “It’s a lively theme (in the ice dance), and we really want to reflect that with the clothes we feel and wear,” she said.
Yes, said Chock, she had a bit of a pain in her communications with the press. “But it doesn’t matter,” she said. “It’ll be all right.”
They have another day of competition – free dance – to think.
“It feels really good,” said jock, who returned to the winter Olympics, where they competed in the winter Olympics in 2014. “It feels great on the ice at the Olympics.”


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