o you gave up your drink/carbohydrate/iPhone? Fine. But we don’t want to hear it.


When people are no longer impressed by your material wealth, appearance and charity work, what aspects do you need to turn to for validation? What are you not doing? It is a good way to strengthen the lack of individuality by carefully removing every happiness and convenience in your life and making this sacrifice a badge of honor. In 2018, giving up is new, the new puritans are not silent, they want you to know. Quit the 21st century when you are in danger; Before you know it, you can easily become one of these people.
Is there any form of self-denial that is more expressive than actively disengaging from the public eye, or pursuing a similar social life? This is a simple way of presenting an intellectual, assuming that in addition to earth II (of course), screen = bad and paper = good. Despite the ubiquity of garbage culture, the detox is in awe of books, candles and paper because they are both healthy and romantic. At the same time, their online life represents a disease that can only be cured if the phone is locked in a drawer.
Thank goodness, you think, when they give up their detox, they stay in the little old house. When they returned, they will tell you, when you’re staring at their phones, they stare at their head, turn off from the rat race how incredible and they are encouraging, upload post when they have no chance to all the photos. Poor souls are very low key in every single dollar: no Facetuning can solve that terrible simulated pain. You realize their detoxification of main advantage is that you, not for a whole week of their meditation you just need to turn off, now you’re ready to start the WhatsApp, let them to your other number with friends.

After a few weeks off, you can’t wait to get a break, but the new terrorism isn’t about flushing your liver; It also wants to purify your soul. In wine, there is an unspoken rule – because alcohol may relax your tongue, but their control still fully control – if you want to make it work, you need to get evangelical education. In our culture, the alcohol anyone would immediately accused of pregnancy, the secret of alcohol or more common is a trick, so non drinkers defense mechanism to quickly turned to the table and climbed on the platform. There are no more gentle ribs to beat the peer pressure, “go on, there’s only one, it won’t kill you”; They are about to unload their souls and repent, and the painful details, why they gave up the devil’s drink.
I haven’t touched alcohol for most of 2017, and I have to say that it’s hard not to pretend when a group of greyhound dogs are brewing on a sober morning. Improve mental health, increased energy, increase financial buoyancy, oh, hello, I can see my toes again: every bit as you describe is not like a kind of good, more like a targeted burns. As the hapless victim of temperance sermon ready to admit and ordered a lemonade, some would say Donald trump doesn’t drink, pointing and laughing at your diet coke, and lead your team to the other members of the bar to get photos of a Patron, and you are the only remaining only, remain a complete, a pregnant woman can’t wait to get angry again. “I have a bottle of malek and a straw ready to put in my overnight bag.”
Most likely, “it makes you realize how boring it is to be bored. Oh, except now, of course. ”
The last thing to say is, “if I had to wake up again through Newsnight, I would die.”


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