What hell is a dead vagina syndrome? Are you worried?


It’s like a sexual headache, a vaginal opening and a broken penile fracture are not bad enough, and we have to worry about a new gender side effect: vaginal death syndrome. This word has become more and more popular on the Internet recently, which sounds very unpleasant. Message? Frequent use of the vibrator may cause the vagina to lose sensitivity or even numbness, making it harder or impossible to reach orgasm.
Fortunately, however, we are convinced that the death vaginal panic is exaggerated (phew). “Vibrator is probably the most effective way to have an orgasm,” a obj in Santa monica, California gyn, m.d., Ph.D., Sherry Ross said, she is a guide to the female intimate health authority ($26. Amazon.com. “You can’t really” overuse it.
However, this does not mean that you can’t develop for long periods of time, such as temporarily losing sensitivity. If you find yourself feeling numb, Dr. Ross recommends letting your body “reset” for a while and then use it again. But if the problem persists, other things could be blamed.

“When our dysfunctional or vagina all sex – even if it is a trustworthy vibrator – this may mean something is subconsciously or consciously occur at a higher level,” explained Dr Ross. “Unlike men, women’s libido, excitement and energy tend to start with the big organ over the shoulder, not the organ below the waist.”
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Dr Ross stressed the importance of understanding the real reason for the lack of sensitivity to the problem. An appointment with your ob-gyn appointment is a good first step in ruling out any medical conditions that might lead to these symptoms. Other common culprits include stress, obesity, untreated mood disorders, alcohol abuse, drug use or smoking, she said.
The bottom line? While your wishes and feelings may slow down, don’t put the blame on your stupid friend. “If it’s not a home run in the bedroom, it’s not usually the fault of your vibrator,” Dr. Ross said.


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