This common mistake can ruin your barre and pilates workouts.


It explains why your hips and thighs aren’t getting stronger. If you’ve ever been to a barra class or pilates class, you know how difficult it can be. They are known for their tiny movements of small muscles that are not often used in our daily lives. The rewards include a raised butt, skinny legs and a strong arm – that is, if you’re doing the right exercise.
Boston coach pilates, Julie sven-goran eriksson said: “I’ve learned that students eat five Palestinian class every week, but their hips and ha rope muscle is still very weak, back pain is very severe. The reason? They are shrinking their pelvis.
“For many students, putting the pelvis in an unsafe post-tilt position, keeping the hip flexor flex during the exercise makes the movement ineffective,” she explains. When the front of the pelvis rises and the back falls, the posterior pelvis is tilted, so it is slightly tucked under the buttocks.
According to eriksson, most of the barras and pilates exercises require the use of lower abdominal muscles and hip muscles to keep the pelvis stable in the natural position, with the pubic and coccyx aligned to each other. The movement of the hip flexors (front of the body) and the extensor of the hip (the back of the body) should begin with the femur above the thigh rather than the pelvis.

‘if your body isn’t aligned correctly, you’re not doing well,’ Mr. Erickson said. Worse, it can cause harm. “Mr Tusk” often with lower back pain, poor posture, hips and weak thigh is impaired, and became entangled in a “dog”, because the tilted pelvis could prompt a hip flexor over lower abdominal muscles, so as to weaken the core.
To make the most of your barra and pilates classes, make sure your pelvis is neutral. “If you stand, make sure the pubis and the coccyx are horizontal to each other, and ‘underbutt’ is squeezing and lifting tush,” Erickson said. “Keep your lower belly in touch as if you’re tightening a tight pair of pants, from the pubic bone to the belly button.” Don’t forget to lift your ribs from your hips to extend the front and back parts of your body and create space in your torso, she adds.
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When you’re lying on your mat, keep your coccyx heavy, and sit down with your bones tight. “Think of a corset from the top edge of the pelvis to the bottom of the ribs,” erickson said. By using lower abdomen and buttocks to keep the pelvis stable, you will be well on your way to a stronger core and more determined loot.


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