3 reasons why muscles stop growing.


You sleep in a hurry.
Simple and simple: if you don’t get a good night’s sleep, your muscles won’t grow. “Sleep deprivation increases your levels of cortisol, a stress hormone), human growth hormone havoc on your body, and get in the way your body normal stored glycogen – all of these can have a negative impact on muscle growth,” said Cardiello. “Plus, if you don’t sleep, you don’t have 100 percent training and you don’t improve.”
Solution: Cardiello recommends closing seven and a half hours every night. He also recommends keeping stress levels low before printing. This means shutting down all electronic devices at least 30 minutes before bedtime. If you normally doze off, you may need to consider a warm bath or shower before bed.
You don’t eat enough protein.
If you want to see more pumps, you need to extract protein. Reason: proteins contain amino acids that help build and repair muscle tissue. “If you don’t take in enough amino acids, it blocks your muscle growth,” white warns.
Solution: white recommends 1.2 to 1.7 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day. That means a 200-pound person should get 109 to 154 grams per day. Remember, it doesn’t have to come from chicken, fish, red meat and eggs. Like their animal counterparts, on the basis of the quinoa and Ezekiel bread (to name a few) are based on the plant source of complete protein, meaning that they contain all the eight amino acids necessary for your body, but not on its own production.
You’re an alcoholic.
“It’s good to have a cool shower every once in a while, but too much recovery can inhibit your body’s ability to help your muscles recover,” Cardiello says. How’s that? “When you drink, your body calls for antioxidants that are commonly used in muscle growth to help metabolize alcohol.”
Solution: if you want all your efforts paid off, Cardiello recommends cutting out the wine completely. No choice? Limit yourself to one night of indulgence each week, and then slow down with a glass of water each round to reduce the number of drinks you drink throughout the night. Better yet, cutting yourself off after three drinks, beer, cocktails or shots is not important; Three is the magic number. Knowing your drink limits in advance can help you keep track of your goals.


You’ve done too much.
If you recently added weekly mileage or start with your girlfriend to attend the weekly spin course (without any judgment), it could be you look a little on the small side. “While aerobic exercise is good for reducing fat, if you do too much, it can cause your body to break down into metabolic or muscle burning,” white warns.
The solution: “if your goal is to increase size and strength, heart exercise shouldn’t dictate your plan,” white says. “HIIT training and simple heart training can be assigned to your training course, but your priority should be three to four weight training days. If you don’t feel pain during exercise, you can increase your aerobic activity here or there at any time, but not at the expense of your recovery. ”
You overtrain
The risk of overtraining your injury and exercising boredom will not only hinder your progress. “many people think that the harder they go, the more benefits they get, and that’s not the case,” Cardiello tells us. “If you don’t take the time to leave the gym, your body doesn’t have time to rebuild itself stronger and bigger than before. When I was coach of the Tampa bay buccaneers, we always worked on the rest days of the players’ training cycle. ”
Solution: Cardiello recommends training every seven days or two days.


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