Self-heating jackets use machine learning to keep their owners comfortable.


Over the past few years we have seen a lot of smart home thermostat, they can learn how to provide warm service for your living room, but when you walked out of the door, these are not good. Boston clothing company purchase department wants to people in this personalized climate control into mobile, launched a heated jacket, the be fond of according to the user to adjust the temperature, and there are some other convenient technique.

The Mercury jacket is made of polyester and polyurethane, which is waterproof, windproof and odor-proof. Its creator says it can be used as a common jacket, and because the inside of the carbon fiber heating element weight only 100 grams (3.5 ounces), so in the course of everyday use should not notice them too much.

It is, by default, that Mercury will start to heat up when the USB charging 10,000-mah battery is inserted. It is preprogrammed to use the built-in acceleration sensor and the human body thermal sensor in response to the temperature of the wearer and actions, so it may be based on whether you in walking or motionless to adjust.

We’ve seen some warm clothing before, including a USB powered hoodies and clothes with automatic temperature adjustment. The plant inspired Omius jacket is very similar to the Mercury jacket because it USES AI to learn user preferences over time and even automatically opens small vents as a way of regulating temperature.

However, the mercury jacket does have some new bells and whistles. It also USES machine learning to familiarize users with their preferences. A jacket to provide feedback, the more obviously in the automatic adjustment to keep the temperature in the best level (highest 57 ° C (135 ° F)) when the effect will be better.

It can be controlled by smartphone applications, but it also supports amazon Alexa, so you can imagine, you can like Echo to bark of the speaker, to when you are ready to travel to the outdoor clothing. It also comes with a built into one of the pockets of Qi wireless charger, this means that when you put the smartphone in there, it will start drawing on the coat battery to keep charging status (assuming, of course, the mobile phone support wireless charging).

Other beautiful features include warm warm hand bag, hood, ink jet black and navy color options, as well as the technology of heavy coat can be safely through the washing machine (we assume that the battery has been removed). It is said that the battery can last up to four and a half hours of heating time at the maximum output power, or as long as a week using the economy.

The Kickstarter campaign now focuses on the supply department, which is raising $72,000 to make the Mercury jacket, which has already exceeded that goal and raised $175,000 at the time of writing. Early pledges of $195 are still in effect, and if the remaining activities are planned, the company plans to start shipping them in November.


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