Adult training


This section provides a variety of materials from quick reference to full courses designed to help our members improve their leadership skills and provide quality courses.

To join the course

All newly registered leaders need these courses and must re-register every two years. You need to log in, but anyone can create a user account and view the course. BSA registered members can provide their member Numbers (as part of the user profile) to obtain credit.

Scout’s American icon cub scout icon.

Youth protection training.

Youth protection training is designed to help you protect teenagers from abuse. You will learn about America.

Guide to youth protection guides, signs of abuse and how to report suspicious abuse. After each part of the material, you.

Will answer questions about the topic.

If the module is online, the completion will be automatically recorded in the BSA training records database.

Entrepreneurship youth protection training.

All adult business leaders must attend this course. This training will help leaders understand and mentor young people.

Possible problems related to abuse. You will also learn about the problems you might face as a leader to help.

The crew provides a safer environment and protects itself from false accusations. This training can be

Youth protection commitment card.

Abide by BSA’s youth protection policy and guarantee our scout security. Half of the commitments have been signed and submitted.

To the council; The other half stays in your pocket card format as a reminder. The following links are available in English and English.

The Spanish version will print four sheets on a piece of paper.

Direction of the STEM

These courses are intended for scouts, Scouters and parents to provide a reconnaissance and/or reconnaissance.

STEM planning and positioning of STEM opportunities in reconnaissance. The course designed by the instructor is aimed at.

The cylinder is used in conjunction with STEM Orientation slides in other training activities.

A quick primer for adult leaders of the Marine scouts.

The Sea Scout adult leader quick start training is specifically designed to learn more about the Sea Scout.

People who plan basic knowledge design. It will provide the direction of the plan and show how the Sea Scouts work in order to better participate.

Planned youth service.


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