Raw water: An unterminated health boom can cause diarrhea


Name: Raw water.

Age: always with us.

Appearance: clear at first; green, if you leave it sit for a while.

How is water born? This is spring water, directly from the ground.
What is this for? People drink it. Raw water is the latest health and fashion. For example, a company called Living Water supplies jugs to residents in San Francisco and Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

Is it cheaper than regular bottled water? In the United States, the price of raw water is between $ 2.5 and $ 6 a gallon.

It’s more gas than they pay for it! What did they do about this? They give it up – it is untreated, unfiltered and non-bactericidal.

So it does not have any content? It has a lot – algae, microbes, minerals. Adherents say it has a more fresh taste, a better “mouthfeel” and a series of beneficial probiotics, you just will not get tap water.

Opponents say? It may also contain viruses, animal excrements and carcinogens. Of particular concern is Giardia, a parasitic disease commonly known as “beaver fever.”
too crazy. If I wanted to pay for diarrhea, I knew there was an overnight cafe on the road. The raw water boom, sometimes referred to as the “water-conscious movement,” is a result of legitimate concerns about lead still present in some municipal water supplies, while the fluoride added to tap water is an unfounded paranoia.

What kind of paranoia? In an interview with The New York Times, Mukhande Singh, founder of Live Water, said: “Calling me a conspiracy theorist, this is a drug of control and has no benefit to our dental health.

I mean, he invited us to call him a conspiracy theorist. He did it. It’s a way of attracting believers from the far left and the far right, as well as the number of people who have been credulous enough to keep a $ 6 a gallon selling dirty water business.

Why do some people take this insurance? Raw water drinkers claim it is more moisturized than tap water.

More moisturizing? Once, I would say no one is stupid, but it has been a weird few years. It’s there.

Do not say: “Raw water – just like the natural intentions.”

Do not say: “Nature intends to kill you.”


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