40s for me: My gut bacteria told me


There are three major classes of microorganisms, called Atlas, which will analyze the bacterial environment of your gut company: urban citizens, village farmers and locals. Your type can change if you noticeably change your diet. Any conscious person wants to be an Indigene because urban citizens sound a little bit like the Western Diet (code: “Some Cinnamon Graham and KFC, what is it?”) And the rural farmer sound like you know, chunky. However, Indigene is most common among isolated tribes in the Amazon and Africa, otherwise it is vegetarian.
I got the result from a £ 125 test done in August, a complex business that put a note on a piece of paper. I do this because your gut environment is crucial to your overall health, or your brain chemistry; its health is determined by bacterial balance, which in turn is affected by your diet.

I am a country farmer. As it turns out, I am the one right now and they are the best. I have bacteria from the genus Doria to reduce intestinal inflammation and make me less likely to have Crohn’s disease. I have a true bacterium made of banana and barley. Because I hate bananas, I can only classify my high consumption as Orvadin. This obviously has a preventive effect on various cancers.

The result also breaks the “citizenship” of my gut bacteria – that is, where typical diets produce biomes like me: Rural peasants are the gut environment of the Russian rural population, and people are so strong that they can be exposed to temperatures below minus Just wear earmuffs under. So, I am 42% of Russians, which is not surprising. Another 44% are Danes, some are Malawians and some are Chinese, 0.2% of Venezuelans, like the Declaration of Labor.

Look, no one said I was perfect, my advice is that I should eat soy, miso, apples, grapes and porridge to increase the proportion of good bacteria. I should eat fish oil, black tea, tomato and garlic to prevent it from getting fat, which sounds like a cocktail, so repugnant, take your food and prevent it from getting fat. Artichokes, artichokes, asparagus, and more garlic increase the potential for my fiber metabolism (though anyone who knows me would say that if I eat garlic again, I will smell a leak). Buckwheat, bitter almonds and sweet corn can make the most of my vitamin B synthesis, or if I do not want to be invited to anyone’s house.

My disease risk is low for all measurable diseases (atherosclerosis, obesity, diabetes, colitis). Having said that I am not perfect, it is hard to point out that my digestion can be better. I am actually perfect. “Then how come,” my husband said cautiously. “Every time you stand up, you fart?” I really do not know. I think this is just not polite.


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