The cheapest way to step up your weight training


MostFit is probably the cheapest home gym you’ve ever found, all for two words: suspension of training. This term refers to the use of a body weight and a cord or belt (around the bar or anchored to the door frame) to provide an amazingly effective workout. This market has long been dominated by TRX, a black and yellow nylon strap that you may have seen hanging on a drawstring at a local gym. But there’s a new product on the scene that’s cheaper and easier than any other hanging belt – you need only $ 30 and a door.
MostFit is an eight-foot-long canvas strip with handles and rupters at both ends and a plastic sleeve in the middle for a door anchor.

This simplicity masks the beauty of the product: MostFit opens up an incredible range of practice and enhances all aspects of weight training, mainly because it is so unstable. (Do not worry, this is a good thing – it means balancing and stabilizing becomes an integral part of every exercise.) Think of a board as a good core exercise? Try them when your arm is not supported by the floor, but by the handle hanging in mid-air. In this position, keeping the body straight suddenly requires more effort (and more muscle).

According to creator Andrew Gavigan, one of the great things about using MostFit is that it can do so many closed-loop exercises in which hands (for arm movements) or feet Leg movements) Hold the body in a fixed position in space. For example, pull-ups and squats are closed exercises, but pulling down and stretching the legs is not. Closed-chain motions are easier on joints, tend to exercise more muscles, and improve functional strength – which is why they are favored by many athletes, especially gymnasts.

The biggest difference from closest rival TRX (obviously cheaper except MostFit) is that the length of the strap on the TRX is adjustable. But that’s not a problem – MostFit is versatile, anyone can get a lot of use, and the price difference outweighs some lost practice. For example, the tricep dip might be easier to set on an adjustable TRX, but Gavigan keeps MostFit as easy as simply wrapping it on a bar.

MostFit is not suitable for beginners. Exercise needs to be balanced and stable, and newcomers to exercise should strengthen coordination and core strength with weight training until they feel comfortable shoulder straps.

This means that it is a great product (serious face). We tested it and found it to be one of the easiest and most useful home fitness equipment on the market. This feature is especially useful for those who want to enhance their function or for those who add some changes to their workout. It does not need a battery, the price is reasonable (especially sports equipment), weight training more challenging than ever before.


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