Italian fish polpette in thick ketchup


A ugusto passed the Testaccio market every morning at about 9.30pm and his bike cut off a fairly smooth road between stalls and shoppers. He stopped to buy vegetables from Il Velletrano, slaughtered Sartor’s meat and offal, and then reared fish from stalls run by Mauro until he was handed over to his young apprentice. Both Mauro and Augustus had exchanged until their frontal lobes suddenly jumped up and I was worried they might explode and they had been here for years. These young apprentices stick to their daily deals, the metal polystyrene boxes filled with silver-blue anchovies and mottled clams, small octopuses and loose groupers are pushed from the market to the three streets of Augusto Meal
It was a very mild October, the weather was hot enough and there was more to eat outside, obviously – but last week they dropped the table under the drooping awning until next spring. Inside is The décor of La Torricella reminds me of my father’s meeting room in the late 1970s: the feeling of dark wooden furniture, drink cabinets and plush features. In La Torricella, the narrow front opens into a large, pillar-separated room. On a wall depicting an idyllic Roman landscape, a huge portrait seems to be influenced by both Klim and Barbara Cattleland. Each table has a double layer of cloth, yellow napkin, a salt pepper toothpick sets, there is a crouch down glasses.

In his excellent writings of Italian culture, Massimo Montana, described in the 19th century, how to eat the evolution of the Roman establishments in Italy Osteria, restaurants (he called the City Inn) and family-run restaurant, is – It is still an extension of the homes of the people, offering wines and “simple, traditional, rich-flavored foods based on local ingredients.” In short, good almost home-style cooking occasionally thrives, rising with the price of wine, at a good price.

Years ago, I remember reading the advice of a good Romanian food critic who not only asked the locals where they were going, but also went to the locality to see what they ordered. Well, if you like this place, build a relationship – even if only for a few days. Finding La Torricella is like meeting someone I know, he’s going to be a good friend, just like food – kind and rich; I want to eat again and again: fried anchors and curls of golden cod , Fish soup, spaghetti with clams or small octopuses, Augusto’s beans and chestnut soup, grilled fish and sliced ??potatoes, custard Chestnut ice cream with squirty cream. We often come, and my son grew up here, eat spaghetti ketchup, know the children are as popular as adults, and sometimes even more so,

There is also a trolley. What is a trolley? Is it looking forward to being pushed to you, clicking on goodies? La Torricilla’s trolley has appetizers and side dishes that vary from day to day, and like most other menus, most are fish. There is usually a big bowl of octopus salad in Pyrex – a pink block, with olive oil, plus a few slices of celery. It may also be a salad of fillets, lettuce and shrimp; now the artichokes are back and there are always at least two preparations – usually alla giudia trimmed like tulips and then fried until they look It looks like a bronze flower) – Maybe wedge-shaped breadcrumbs. Recently there are some fish balls, plump walnuts, coriander, sitting in ponds filled with bright red ketchup.

Like Italian meatballs, bread is the key to fishballs, not only to get things going, but also to have an almost pillow-like texture. When we first ate these things, we were with my partner Vincenzo, his mother, a detective, guessing each of the ingredients and the estimated proportions. In Auguste’s recipes for entertainment, I’d suggest a ratio of 4: 1 fish to bread, but if you want, you can add more bread, in which case more lemon and cheese are Worth adding. Almost all white fish will work here, but I especially like cod and cod. Really worth doing a fresh tomato sauce, let it simmer to a shiny and rich, add a little sugar, if it is acidic sauce, and then steal the sauce balls until fullness. Eat rice or plain bread, behind the salad, about half a liter of white house.

Polpette di pesce al sugo (tomato sauce fish balls)
Bread crumbs are just for molding, but I like the way they thicken the sauce – but they are not essential if you can not grasp the fine breadcrumbs. It is not traditional to do this with pasta, but it is very good. Whether sauce (then polpette as a second course) or sauce and polpette with spaghetti.
Provide 4
400 grams of peeled fish fillets, such as cod or cod
100 grams soft white bread crumbs
1 egg
1 garlic clove, chopped
2 tablespoons chopped parsley, plus more finish
1 tbsp grated parmesan cheese (optional)
1 hot lemon
Salt and black pepper
Dry bread crumbs (optional)

For sauce 1
Kg of ripe tomatoes, or 500g of canned peeled plum tomatoes
olive oil
1-2 garlic cloves, peeled and crushed one

1 Chop or chop the fish. In a large bowl, soften the crumbs with an egg and then add the fish, garlic, parsley, Parmesan cheese, if you are using, passion, salt and pepper. Then use your hands to turn everything into a soft, consistent quality. If the mixture is too wet, add some dry crumbs.

2 Scoop out a large teaspoon of mixture at a time, then shape it into a walnut-sized ball and roll it up with dry bread crumbs if you wish. Once rolled, leave the fish to rest.

3 do sauce. If you are using fresh tomatoes, put them in boiling water, then put them in cold water and then peel them off. Roughly put away any hard pieces and seeds if you wish. If you are using canned tomatoes, use scissors to chop them directly onto tin or through wooden sticks.

4 In a large frying pan, heat 5 tablespoons olive oil with garlic. Once fragrant, add tomatoes and sprig of basil, simmer for 10 minutes, mashed with a wooden spoon.

5 Now add fish balls. Then cook for about 25 minutes, turn the fish tail meat from time to time, if the sauce looks too little, add a little more water.

6 Once the cooking is done, sprinkle more chopped coriander and serve from the heat.


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