How to be a “weekend fitness warrior”


A 2017 survey of 63,591 adults led by Loughborough University found that most of the wobbly “weekend warrior” armies surrounded by Lycra, who play only one or two campaigns a week, enjoyed a 30% reduction because of the death rate Risk – only slightly lower than the 35% enjoyed by those who pedal, paddle or foot more than three times a week.

Professor Mark Hamer, a Loughborough research paper author, said: “If you can not exercise daily, there is still a real benefit to working out on weekends.” In this study, the definition of “weekend warrior” For those who have completed at least 150 minutes of “moderate” activity or 75 minutes of “vigorous” activity – in line with the weekly guidelines set by the World Health Organization (WHO) – twice per week.


Although WHO advises people to exercise throughout the week, new research shows that one or two times a week is enough. “The duration and frequency of activities do not seem to be related to health outcomes.” You may have a 150-minute threshold to reap the benefits, but you did not get much benefit from the barrier, Hamer said. ”

If the exercise duration and frequency have nothing to do, the intensity is true. The WWs in the study described nearly half of their activities as “powerful.”

More than 90% of weekend warriors reported participating in sports such as cycling and tennis, and they seemed to be more athletic and it was in line with the classic weekend warrior who pulled their soccer shoes or picked up the concept of a tennis racket and went to leather hell “Said Hammer.

Emphasize professionalism
“If long hours of work do not make the midweek movement impossible, take a 30-minute quick run (with lots of sprint intervals) or a 45-minute spin on Saturday and Sunday to eliminate Stress If you have only one day of freedom, try a peaceful 2.5 hour bike.

Parents are frustrated
“Swimming for 45 minutes on Saturday is a good weekend for your parents – you can sneak around in circles and your kids are enjoying classes. A 30-minute home-training session on Sunday, 10 squats, 10 Sub-news, 10 times Buber and 60 seconds of wood, while the kids play. ”

Lazy communication
“Starting from a Saturday brunch class, it’s like a 45-minute Zumba or boxing training course with friends on Sunday composed a 40-minute group match in 45 seconds of squatting, siding, war, the twists and turns of Russia And alternating between the skipping rope, resting between each 60 seconds.

Lost gym member
“If your gym is expensive, but seldom goes, sign a 60-minute gym training camp on Saturday to optimize weekends and power. Warm up on a treadmill Sunday and do a 12 x 20-second sprint (40 seconds off) ) For effective exercise. ”
Box-set binger
“Home-like yoga mats invest in home fitness equipment like some resistance bands, and then search for home fitness on YouTube, for example three sets of knees, sumo squats, jacks and boards, with 20 seconds of effort and 40 seconds of rest.

Competitive animals
“Challenging friends to a 60-minute tennis tournament on Saturday, challenging their 15” 1-minute, 1-minute intervals “on the gym’s rowing boat on Sunday, aims to cover more distances every weekend.


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