“Sitting down is a new smoking”, but how do we start?

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“Sitting down is a new smoking”, but how do we start?

Healthy and healthy 10,000 steps a day, exercising three times a week, or exercising for half an hour a day? We don’t know what happened to you, but we no longer see the forest in the woods. Fitness expert Yves Devos was rescued as the author of “fitness for medicine”. He explained very clearly to us how we really need to keep healthy and how we exercise, and why “sitting down is a new smoking”.

Yves Devos is a master of human sports science and has a degree in health and fitness from the prestigious American college of sports medicine. As he recently a new book “fitness as a medicine,” he told us about targeted exercise plan, medical ® fitness, physical therapy and fitness, should result in a healthy way of life. Of course, people like obesity, diabetes, back and neck diseases, and even mental illness can benefit from it, but we can all learn something from it. Because for those of us who have lived on different planets in recent years, we are all too much, and if our body wants to stay with us, we can do more exercise.

The first version of the “health and medicine” appeared in 2010, a few weeks ago, the new version of the book with local theme, such as “sit is new smoke” high-intensity interval training (HIIT), the application and the Mediterranean cuisine. A good reason to explain our problems with Yves Devos’s exercise and health.

How much do we need to move every day/week?

Yves Devos: “the amount of exercise I do every week or every day is based on my exercise pattern. First of all, you have health standards and recommend 10,000 steps a day. Studies show that this has a positive effect on your blood pressure, cholesterol and other health parameters. You also have a seat code that requires you not to sit for more than six hours a day, and you have to get up and walk from your chair every half hour. ”

“This 10,000 steps and regular standing is a good start, but if you walk up the stairs, they can’t guarantee you’ll never get out of breath. That’s why there’s a proper standard, a parameter, that determines your condition. He rules out three times a week, or five times a week. In sharp drops, then walk, jog or ride a bike, while table tennis, swimming or Nordic walking is a moderate exercise. Finally, you also have a muscle tone that requires you to strengthen your muscles 2-3 times a week. You can do this at the fitness center and at home, for example using a stretcher or heavy weight. ”

When we sit for a long time, our blood stays in the same place for too long, causing antibodies and cells to precipitate in your blood. This increases the risk of inflammatory diseases such as diabetes and cancer.

It sounds very spicy. How do you combine so much exercise with a busy lifestyle?

Yves Devos: “ideally, you’re in line with all the standards of the exercise model to maximize your health benefits. But because a lot of people don’t like exercising or sweating if back, you can do a lot of things for your health if you’ve reached the standard of health and seating. If you get higher health standards through training, you can live longer, and if you can improve muscle mass, you’ll be able to better protect your joints. But the message is definitely not: “I’ll never get this, so I don’t make any sense, I’ve done something.” At the best of times, you jog three times a week, but if you’re sitting less and getting up for 30 minutes, that’s the thing. Everyone can do it.

Ideally, you exercise three times a week, but if you start with less sitting and walking around, that’s it. It’s really possible.

Yves Devos

For busy people, the intense hype of 7 minutes seems like a good solution, which can take a lot of time in a very short time, but is it really effective?

Yves Devos: “seven minutes of exercise is certainly effective, but for people who are not used to weight training. This is a high-intensity exercise that can quickly improve your health and increase your muscles in 7 minutes through short bursts of intense exercise. Research has also shown that it can increase your metabolism, and you start burning fat half an hour later in a “normal” exercise such as jogging. However, after three months, you will end up on a plateau because your body is used to exercising. Then you will have to do a few series or raise your level and notice the difference in physical quality and strength. But it’s a great fit for people who don’t have much time and still want to do something. You can place this exercise in a fitness and muscle tone exercise model. Note: if you do this every day, you can reload certain joints. ”

Seven minutes of exercise can speed up your metabolism in a few minutes, while in a “normal” exercise such as jogging, you burn fat half an hour later.

Yves Devos

Seat standards are also an important criterion because “sitting is new smoking”. What do we imagine?

Yves Devos: “the problem with sticky time is that your blood stays in the same place for too long, so the antibodies and cells in your blood will settle down. That’s why you increase the risk of diabetes and cancer, all the inflammatory diseases. As long as you don’t move your legs, you won’t solve the problem. The news gets up every half hour. In fact, you can’t sit for more than six hours a day. ”

For example, chair yoga, how do you exercise when you sit down?

Sitting too much has other negative consequences, such as back pain, shoulder irritation, and wrist pain. Soya yoga (read this article) can be adapted to you, by doing exercises, improving your posture, even on your chair. It has also been shown that yoga has a positive effect on your blood pressure and stress levels, so in that sense it will help. Although it doesn’t accelerate your metabolism. In my opinion, everything revolves around the subtlety: the yoga chair doesn’t solve the problem of sitting too much, but it’s better than doing nothing.

Do you see an upright or running mechanism breaking with us?

Devos: “it’s a real trend in the United States, but even in Belgium, some companies have invested. The first companies to jump on the shopping cart were of course silicon valley people, “Microsoft boss” and “GuGe”. But in the United States, it’s no longer a fancy device, it really started. This is not a very expensive investment for an employer. In some companies, this is a one-step organization, and then each employee alternates for 15 minutes. Whether it will become our hype remains to be seen. At the same time, you can already use a timer to pull your leg every half an hour. “


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