An easy way to live: a journey of self-development.


An easy way to live: a journey of self-development.

I am EjnarHakonsen, and my driving purpose is to create a beautiful experience for myself and others.

In order to let oneself can do that, I found the outstanding teachers from all over the world, they help me from classic depressed inward, no social or physical skills, grow up to be an attractive and strong man, and dating life, body and skills far more than I think real or even possible.

This is an interesting and exciting journey, and I now like to recommend these excellent teacher resources to ensure that you can enjoy the same personal growth more easily.

A reliable source and an effective overview.

The site was originally designed to advise friends and agnostics who saw me through this journey, and asked me how I could achieve similar results. However, some of the things I learned during this journey go far beyond what I previously thought human beings could do.

You may already know I personally is a sensible people have scientific background, and familiar with the achievements of I follow the teacher, but I have described here something very frankly to challenge your current belief system, until you allow yourself to take measures and observations.

Therefore, I suggest you start with a quick article on how to find, buy, and use self-development plans. This will describe the way trust is made, leading me to the first of these obscure topics and teachers, as well as how I have tried hundreds of resources, and can easily return those disappointed promises.

The advice you find here is the one that impresses me (even if their marketing is sometimes scary, or sounds too good to be true). If you already have a special knowledge base in these areas, then I suggest you start here to make sure that I provide a good result. This will ease the process of getting into the comfort zone that really challenges you.

If you want to see where I come from, what limitations I have, and how to get entangled with these teachers and themes, you may want to see my own journey. My own goal.

Put the results first.

The following recommendations are based on my understanding, which combines the personal experience and advice of several distinguished experts and has a good record of producing concrete results.

Some parts may be can not stand the test of time – the scientific consensus, of course, not all – but I found that often lag behind the fully understanding of science for decades a leading practitioners in the field of, so I focus on for their career to provide customers with powerful and reliable results of teachers.

Choose your journey!


Dating and seduction

Choose your partner wisely.



Fantasy and pornography


Formation: a minimal effort and a crash course in nutrition.

Perfect posture: natural/attractive body language and injury recovery.


Leadership: leadership, business and general lifestyle.

Education itself (coming soon)

Quick tips

How to find, buy, and use self-help programs?

My own journey: a complete chronological journey, and how these teachers help me shape my life.


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