Crossfit sweeps the world of fitness.


Crossfit sweeps the world of fitness.

A priori, there is no distinction between the sporting goods store Reebok, which is located on the Paris avenue opera house, and a sign of sporting goods. The difference is in the basement. On the right side of the spiral staircase, there were neither stocks nor stocks, but a climbing rope and another prisoner trying to ring. Stay away from the gym and Veronique dawiener’s beefy biceps exercise. Welcome to a room with a workout outfit, a mix of power, and vibrate the fitness industry.

On the ground, there is no wood or carpet, but concrete. The ceiling is black and rough, with metal panels covering the walls, highlighting the industrial ambience of the place. On the right, two men use a bar series of push-ups. At the bottom, another cross-athlete seriously provided a shoulder on the weightlifting plate. Not a mirror to appreciate his merit.

Multiplication of rooms

“These are the coaches who talk during the day, and Julian Festor, who is one of the partners who manages the Reebok Crossfit Louvre. The course will resume at 15:30. “Fitness has never been so popular in France, with nearly five million registered members in the gym, and sporting equipment has attracted many disappointed traditional halls.

According to various estimates, between 50,000 and 200,000 people now do this in France. France’s “box” rooms are on the rise, with 170 by the end of 2015 and one in 2011. There should be 260 this year. Worldwide, there should be 14, 000 to the end of this year, with an estimated 5 million employees.

Muscle torture

It was 3:30 p.m., eight people, girls and boys, close to the coach, their names on their chest. After a few welcome and some stretches, the technical seminar began: how to find the best position to extend your knees to your elbows. Then follow the order of the day, or “work of the day” (WOD, in the jargon), to do things seriously.

In 20 minutes, for the sake of sounds exciting music, athletes for eight seconds for 20 seconds, peppered with ten seconds of recovery: knee elbow (suspension) on the bar, the vertical pump (reverse back to the wall, etc.), weight lifting, boating… The cheek is red, the resolution is to read in the eye. Sweaty shirt.

A $4 billion department.

All in all, a good status muscle torture. “Sportswear is a sport for different projects, such as gymnastics, fitness, weight lifting, or practice of track and field high intensity exercise movement of the body ready to a series of different functions and muscle training, the training plan. Heart, correct Julian Festor.

That’s good. In the fitness and health of the development of an already on the market, the old continent’s fitness and health care market weighing around 26 billion euros, sportswear and the practice of “social fitness” is hold sway with the department. Globally, James Letchford, who is responsible for global development at Crossfit, estimates that it is now about $4 billion, up 20% a year.

“I love going to the endorphins.”

Because the sportswear is also the brand invented by American Greg glassman in his garage in the 1970s, the former gymnast wanted to completely cut off physical activity with the regular gym. His idea is to create “the best gym in the world” for those who want to engage in physical conversation. Staying healthy helps deal with many chronic diseases, “the United States recalls. James lecherford.

In fact, regular exercise can enhance cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, muscle development, speed, strength, flexibility, strength, agility, balance and coordination… “Everything is done in groups here,” said Bolewa Sabourin, a 31-year-old dancer who maintains his health through the discipline.

“In the group, there was no competition, and everyone was at their own pace, confirming the 36-year-old Alexandra Dornstetter in Strasbourg for a year and a half. At first, I had terrible physical pain, but it happened. I’m hooked! “No cheating here. We revise the exercises. We never give up, “said Sile Ouerhani, a security agent for the French Ile DE France, a member of the Crossfit Louvre.

“To make progress, we push people to address their weaknesses, which will strengthen their strengths,” said Julian Festor. This works for some people: “I like to put myself in a red position and get endorphins and dopamine,” says Alexandra Dornstetter. Others don’t care: “I’ve been working for seven months, and Jason martinez, 43, is working in lille. After the injury, I practiced with a fork. It still doesn’t fit me. “


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