Stick to a weekly fitness challenge


Stand on the bathroom scale for the last time. Not because I want to know their weight (since you ask for eight and a half stone), but to remind yourself, from now on, in the Cunard liner iconic Queen Mary 2 through the Atlantic ocean after eight days, my goal is not only get rid of a few pounds, but also, more importantly, in better shape.
Many people think such holidays are idle, eating only a lot of food and gaining weight. My challenge was to prove that the voyage of queen Mary ii provided enough to keep the toes of the sporty type.
The first time to board a plane is to check out the gym, a healthy paradise, all the latest high-tech gadgets designed to help you burn calories and find that you never know your muscles.
I calculated 16 treadmills, 8 sports bikes, 9 cross-training machines and weight training machines designed to make the biceps swell and legs look well-proportioned. The icing on the cake is the gym in front of the boat, so you can enjoy the sea view while you work.
Queen Mary 2 also has a slow runway (about three times a mile) on the walk deck, and fun sports keep you going.
Still, there’s no land to distract me, because in seven days we’ll sail from Southampton to New York, but I don’t think I have any excuses to solve the challenge.
If you do not know how to use fitness equipment safely, the fitness staff will assist you at any time and help you with your exercise plan. I found that 80 minutes of fitness assessment and personal training was a great way to help me focus on my goals.

Some complementary stretching and abdominal muscle training, can let the belly looks very neat, and those who want to exercise or to relax can take part in indoor cycling training camp, training camp, yoga and pilates.
I decided to date the gym every morning and evening, and I had to go to the gym every day. I also decided to jog in the middle of the day, starting at 30 minutes, then working an hour or more. I’m not going to compete in the London marathon, but if I’ve been there, the trans-atlantic crossing is a great place to start training, especially if you can eat healthy.
Kings Court self-service offers fresh salads, while the dinner menu offers special spa options that show calories and fat content. Again, all the perfect people train in the marathon.
Of course, trans-atlantic crossings should be a holiday, and fortunately there are many interesting things to keep you active. The most unusual is the daily fencing lesson (no experience required, but you have to sign up fast because it is first come first served, only 16 people’s space).
You can also do on one of the four swimming pools in circles, try table tennis, or with a similar to common tennis paddle to exercise the arm muscles, but the stadium is small, and the racket is solid not string. You can say hello to friends, or sign up for tournaments with a sports host.
Or in Spain’s baldera? Cunard can “virtuously” bring you and seven other players here – or 35 other top stadiums in the United States and Britain – on its 18-hole golf simulator fairway. Queen Mary had many options when she was celebrating at the 19th hole.


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