The recipe for Jacob Kenedy’s Louisiana Turkey soup


It’s better for guys to throw a better party than in Louisiana. I should know – my grandmother ginny where it came from, it was a man named Chinese bulbul Plaquemine Plaquemine town, our family and the Spanish moss wood, wood and oil from the swamp to the Mississippi River. Ginny knows how to party. One of her parties inspired fellini to make a sweet life. She might be still at the party now.
When you’re having a party, you get together, fill the glass, fill your plate with your tummy, and let the magic happen – the magic that inhibits the fade and the sound rises. In New Orleans, they say they enjoy their “hubbub” — a lot of people talking right away, so you can’t pick out those words. The intoxicating buzz was the hum of an oily restaurant engine – when I heard it, it made my hair stand and my heart glow. This is a cheerful restaurant, a hospitable whine. When measuring our work in Bocca di Lupo and Plaquemine Lock, my first consideration was the most important of all the reasons I became a chef.
The phrase “gumbo ya ya” itself comes from the food soup; It’s just the yakking. Soup is the marshes of Louisiana is defined as a bowl of soup – a mixture of the mixture of a mysterious, simple composition stacked together, so they are together, but no one is recognizable.
Not just the ingredients, but the culture – Louisiana is a real night woman – everyone has some input. It is said that the word “okra” is derived from okra, or Choctaw Indian, from the west African Bantu language. France’s big sauce forms the basis – almost every Louisiana recipe starts: “first you make a roux” – and thickens from AKAfile. The German style of smoked sausage (French name, andouille) stimulates many of the soup cans.
The origin of this stew is covered in its deep cauldron – it could be the fusion and evolution of Acadia tricott, French pudding soup, Choctaw and African stew. Composition with the colonialists, slaves and slave owners, but the origin of everyone seem to be almost irrelevant – each a voice sound like a voice in the slowly foaming thick soup cans.
We have a similar trick on our Christmas table at home. Families gather, relax, and raise glasses and sounds together. We eat Turkey and cranberry, the date of the levant, Sicily, candied fruit, German red cabbage stewed in apple, and we do the ancestors of medieval meat, fruit and spice. The Middle East. We drink wine, sugar and incense. We talk about thick soup.
Turkey thick soup
This jar of okra can easily be added to make more (extra good, refrigerated or frozen). It will take you three to four hours of your life, so get ready to drink. It’s worth it.
Supply 8
For the soup
Turkey’s leftovers – carcass, plus a selection of around 500 grams (most likely, this will be dark meat, which is a good thing in itself)
Five celery
3 medium sized Onions
Three green peppers
4 cloves of garlic, slice
6 bay leaf
One teaspoon pepper
2 pepper pepper
Some seafood – 2 dozen raw shrimp (prawns), or boiled crayfish (crayfish), or 2 cooked crayfish, or 2 (or a large) cooked crab. Or above all.

125ml vegetable oil
125 grams of regular flour
400g of smoked sausage, in Louisiana this will be Cajun andouille – using cooked sausages or smoked polish sausages rather than smoked prosciutto or bacon
100 grams of okra, cut into 1-2 cm round
1 bunch of green Onions, thinly sliced,
Put in a bowl of soup
Start the stock – put the Turkey carcass in a large pot and barely cover with cold water. Take your time and stay there. 2. 1 onion, 1 green pepper (seeds, stem, whole) in a pot. Add 2 garlic cloves, 3 bay leaves and pepper. Continue to simmer.
2 the remaining vegetables diced paper – cut celery and onion in 5 mm cube (will be thrown into the soup pot ingredients), in the same way to green peppers and jalapeno peppers cut into pieces, seeds and stems into the pot) at any time. Keep the stock brewing.
Now, shell the seafood. Keep the shells. Keep the brown meat. If you use a lobster, cut it into pieces. If you use shrimp, remove the veins. Put the shells in the pan and keep everything.
Make pasta sauce: in a large heavy pot, heat oil and flour with medium heat. Stir, drink a glass of beer, and stir. It will begin to turn to nut brown. Keep stirring – but be careful, it’s like lava and splashes could be serious. It gets darker and darker, but you’re brave – stirring constantly until the white smoke rises, and the flour is the color of the melted dark chocolate. Now you must avoid burning: quenching with vegetables…
Add the vegetables (celery, onion, green pepper, jalapeno pepper) and soy sauce with garlic and bay. Whisk together with a pinch of salt – the paste will capture the dark chocolate color.
Continue to stir the heat for 10 to 15 minutes, until the vegetables are completely softened and the soy sauce has relaxed to the oil dip.
Add a chunk of sausage (or ham) and stir. Place it on low heat and turn your attention back to the soup pot.
Taste your stock. Now it’s been two hours and it should be delicious. Strain it and remove any fat. Measure 1.2 liters in some fairly quick addition, stirring into the dough. Keep any excess stock to prevent later dilution. (if you have leftover gravy, as long as it’s the right thing, you can now add it to the pot.)
Add heat to the soup to simmer and then reduce it to stay there. Add the okra and gently cook for more than 30 minutes. The soup should approach a certain thickness and body – not dirty, but rich.
10 remember your Turkey – what is the reason for you to start making this okra now? Cut into pieces, small enough to eat in soup, then add. Simmer for long enough, the meat starts to relax – about 15 minutes, but depending on your Turkey, what you did this morning.
If the soup is not suitable for use, or not fully used, please immediately cool or freeze anything that is not suitable for food. Before you add the seafood, you can bring it back to the simmer, which should be before you eat it. In addition to…
Add seafood. Simmer for 3 minutes – long enough to cook the shrimp or warm lobster/lobster/crab. Your okra (last) is ready. Place it on a bowl with little hot rice and a little green onion. It should look like a bowl of marshes, and like truffles, the earth and the oyster on the seashore – that’s the nature of Louisiana.


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