The value of restful sleep to an entrepreneur


Ask anyone about the three or four most important demands of a healthy life, and you’ll get a similar answer. Water. The air. Food and beverage. Go to sleep. Coincidentally, I wrote an article a week or two ago about the importance of air purifying air for survival. Two of these key living needs, sleep and breathing are the focus of my most recent company.
As an entrepreneur, I finally understand that although quality sleep is important to everyone, it is one of the most important — and overlooked — resources for executives and founders.
The company, Vivos BioTechnologies, is set up to address breathing disorders in sleep (especially obstructive sleep apnea or OSA). KeKeHeng co-founder and chief executive, and is experienced in health and the health care industry veteran, had already started and CEO was a few private equity – support enterprises in the space. Two years ago, he met with a doctorate in three Dave Dr Singh, he is a pioneer in the field of craniofacial epigenetics emerging, research or external environment on the modification of DNA, genes affect human cells “read” time and time.
Although about two million patients a year are diagnosed with OSA, it is estimated that 40 percent of American adults suffer from sleep disorders. More convincingly, about 80 percent of patients are undiagnosed and untreated, which has a significant impact on quality and potential life. But it’s not just a business opportunity – Vivos is set up to help millions of people who are suffering from this “invisible” situation.
Huntsman to untreated OSA’s influence on the Angle of view, he said: “sleep and breathing disorders, such as the OSA, never fully alive, because in the night, a person can never be complete rest, a person also can’t fully awake during the day. Our mission is to help our patients live a fulfilling life. ”

Dr. Singh’s years of research and clinical trials have made significant breakthroughs in the treatment of ubiquitous invisibility (known as OSA). With a strong background in health and wellness, huntsman is the perfect person to help bring these unique health breakthroughs to market, and together form Vivos. Because billions of small americans, including children, are suffering from sleep disorders, it is reasonable to say that almost every family, whether a spouse or child, is affected nationally.
It is necessary to breathe properly through the nose to obtain the restful sleep that we all need to perform the best functions in our professional and personal lives. However, about 180000 U.S. adults (and P otentially an equal number of children), a chronic disease characterized by airway obstruction of repeated, and go to bed. As the body compensates for breathing through the mouth, levels of nitric oxide drop, blood pressure rises, hormone balance is affected, and other necessary and restorative bodily processes are disrupted. OSA patients actually stop breathing for at least 10 seconds per hour and often wake up breathing, snoring, wheezing or suffocation.
Enter the Huntsman, Dr Singh and Dr Vivos, bring a revolutionary OSA treatment – a custom patent and specially designed oral appliance is different from any other painless push jaw correct positioning, and expand the mouth and nose, this helps to keep open the airway, promote peaceful sleep. This treatment can lead to the whole natural and uninvasive remodeling of bone and soft tissues around the respiratory tract, providing the patient with the best airflow and airway capacity for life, leading to a restful sleep.
Vivos may be the first truly permanent solution to our modern OSA epidemic. While CPAP users in the “life sentence” was commissioned by night, with the passage of time, the effect is weakened, but using Vivos electrical treatment patients often report fully recover normal breathing during sleep (namely the quiet breathing, no snoring and peaceful sleep). Studies have shown that after just 12 to 18 months, most people can get back to normal sleep and breathing without using an appliance or a CPAP machine.


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