10 reasons why exercise makes you thin (or why times are wrong)


Thinking about time magazine’s recent article “why doesn’t exercise make you skinny” is a good excuse to skip your workout and turn to beer or 3? Think again. We’ve always known that exercise is essential to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight, especially with healthy eating habits. But to be sure, we’ve rechecked six experts across the country – that’s what they’re talking about.
Countless studies, many learning sports experts, and millions of people who lose weight all attest to the fact that they work. “Exercise is absolutely essential for weight loss and weight loss,” said Dr. Michele s. Olson, a professor of sports science at auburn university in Montana, who is a member of the FITNESS advisory committee. Here’s how to exercise – and how to do it – stay healthy, happy and slim.
Exercise your fat belly.
This is the simplest way to defeat this bulge. “Regular, high-intensity aerobic exercise has the greatest impact on reducing the risk of diabetes and heart disease,” Olson said. Exercise is the ultimate middle manager because it lowers cortisol levels, a hormone associated with fat. In fact, in a study at the university of California, San Francisco, the women with the highest cortisol levels had a higher body mass index (BMI) and belly fat than those in the middle.
Exercise control calories.
“It’s very simple: you need to lose weight more calories than you burn to burn calories,” Nancy snyder, MD, member of the fitness advisory committee, chief executive, said BeWell. COM, and NBC news’s chief medical editor. Regular exercise breaks out extra calories or is stored as fat. “Plus, even within a few hours of exercising, you still burn calories,” says Dr. Snyderman.
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Exercise keeps losing pound MIA.
Dr Porcari, a member of the FITNESS advisory committee and a professor of sports and sports medicine at the university, said: “90 per cent of people who have successfully lost weight for a year will need about an hour of physical activity per day. La crosse, Wisconsin. Sports are even the documents of people who have undergone weight-loss surgery to help them stay in shape.
Exercise promotes metabolism.
Yes, you lose fat when you’re not exercising, but you also lose muscle, which means you burn fewer calories. The more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism, and the more calories you need.

Trim the inches.
FITNESS advisory committee members Jari Love is a certified personal trainer and FITNESS DVD star, he said: “when you skim and increase muscle, you may lose inches and volume rather than the actual weight loss. “For example, if you lose three pounds of muscle and lose four pounds of fat, your body actually has a 7 pound improvement, even though it’s only a pound of weight loss.
Exercise to curb emotional eating.
Robert Thayer, a professor of psychology at California state university (Robert e. Thayer), said: “has proven time and time again to exercise, exercise has been shown to help regulate mood, the mood directly affect the people who eat in tense or nervous when people. Long beach. When you are already in your happy place, you don’t need Ben&Jerry’s lead.
Exercise creates a healthy chain reaction.
“The reason for finding juice in the gym is that healthy habits tend to get together,” says Boston psychologist Dr Eric Endlich. “When people make positive changes, such as doing more exercise, they tend to improve other health conditions, such as eating better.” The result? To lose weight.
Exercise brings fun.
Let’s face it: climbing is more exciting than eating celery sticks. That’s why it’s much easier to stay slim than to keep a strict diet. “If you look at people who have successfully exercised in their lives, they’ve found what they really like,” says Dr Snyderman.
Exercise to stop hunger.
According to a study in the journal obesity, people who exercise and eat are actually much less likely to eat than those who eat only. Reward: you have a higher self – control.
10. Exercise energy.
Studies show that regular physical activity increases physical strength by promoting the body’s neurotransmitters that promote energy. This pep gives you more power to move and reduce pounds. When is the last time to eat that way?


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