Fight for healthy food: the healthiest buy at the grocery store


Chocolate instead of vanilla. Kimmel is in fallon. Shake, don’t stir. Chances are, you feel pretty strong about most choices in life. While you may prefer a deep-fried mozzarella cheese stick to a low-fat string cheese, you know exactly which one is right for you. But when you like two foods equally – one looks as healthy as the other, things get tricky. For the sake of convenience, we invite experts to record directly. Because you spend less time getting rid of what you eat, you spend more time enjoying it.
Food confrontation
Turkey burger and veggie burger
Winner: veggie burger
Turkey burger is a lean source of protein when it is made from the ground brisket. Reality? Prefabricated pie is usually a mixture of white meat and black meat, so they have five times as much fat as meat and 20 times as much cholesterol as non-meat. “Veggie burgers have about four grams of fiber and about half the calories,” says Lori Lieberman, a dietitian in South Weymouth, mass. They can get high sodium, but choose a brand of 300 mg or less.Tequila and honey
Victor: it’s a tie.
Nutrition center of New York harrison scarsdale medical group founder Elizabeth DeRobertis, said: “the agave syrup and honey has 64 calories, about 16 grams of carbohydrate, 14 to 17 grams each spoon of sugar. However, the type of sugar: tequila the proportion of fructose and glucose is higher, so it can make the blood sugar rise more slowly, but can also induce your brain don’t think your stomach like really full. Experts can recommend one before doing more research; Meanwhile, use what you think is a better sweetener, but only in moderation. “The best way to sweeten yogurt or even baked goods is to use whole fruit or puree because it contains fiber and nutrients that are not available for concentrated sweeteners,” says DeRobertis.
Potatoes and sweet potatoes
Winner: sweet potato
Sweet potatoes have the same amount of fiber as potatoes (4 grams), but have 60 calories. In vitamin A, where they really shine: A sweet potato provides 438 percent of your daily value, while A sweet potato doesn’t. They also provided a third more vitamin C, which was a surprise! – can help you score flat abs. Erin Palinski- Wade, author of belly fat dieters, said: “when your body’s stress hormone cortisol levels are chronically elevated, excess fat is transferred to your stomach. “Vitamin C helps to lower cortisol levels.”Instant oatmeal with steel-cut oats
Winner: steel cut oats
While both types of oats are good sources of cholesterol-lowering soluble fiber, “the immediate type is steamed and steamed before packaging to make it more quickly cooked,” says nutritionist Julie Kaye. New York City. However, cut oats are cut into two or three slices of whole oats, which are cut into about the size of a grain. Because they are less processed, they need more time to digest, which means they keep their blood sugar stable and help you stay full for up to three hours – twice as much as instant oats.
More food fights
Butter and butter spread
Winner: butter
Each toast cap has about 100 calories and 11 grams of fat per tablespoon. But most Palinski – Wade warned that cream sauce (a buzzword used margarine) were made from partially hydrogenated oils, this oil is a kind of trans fats, can improve the level of cholesterol, lower cholesterol levels. Butter does contain more saturated fat, but new research suggests it may not be as damaging to your heart as previously thought, especially in small amounts.

Brown rice to quinoa
The winner: all five cereals contain fiber, but quinoa also contains 8 grams of protein per cup, says Julie McGinnis, a nutritionist in boulder, colo. More importantly, the protein is complete – usually found in animal sources such as meat and eggs – meaning it contains your body to repair cells and make all nine essential amino acids. Quinoa takes only 20 minutes to cook, while brown rice only takes 50 minutes. Quinoa, says Julie McGinnis, a nutritionist in boulder, colo
Wheat also contains 8 grams of protein. More importantly, the protein is complete – usually found in animal sources such as meat and eggs – meaning it contains your body to repair cells and make all nine essential amino acids. Quinoa takes only 20 minutes to cook, while brown rice only takes 50 minutes.
Frozen yogurt with soft ice cream
Winner: frozen yogurt
“Most frozen yogurt contains probiotics, which are found in conventional yogurt and are beneficial to the gut, helping to keep the digestive system functioning properly,” Kaye said. (to be sure, the chain’s menu or on the web site to find active and lively words) to our surprise, two kinds of desserts are 18 grams of sugar, but soft drinks containing 11 grams of fat per half-cup and nearly 200 calories, while frozen yogurt packaging about 115 calories, and usually no fat. To prevent the self-help chain from overshaking, please press the water fountain for no more than 5 seconds.
Potato chips and cornflakes
Winner: crisps
While potato chips are often considered off-limits, Palinski-Wade likes to make them with potatoes, oil and salt. You can say the same corn flakes, but many of them include refined flour, even sugar, nutritional duds, which can cause your blood sugar to kill. Opt for baked potato chips or fat-reducing types, which are flash Fried, so oil has less time to soak. Avoid “chips” because they usually use potato chips instead of whole potatoes.
Hummus and guacamole
Winner: avocado
The main ingredients in these plunged – garbanzo beans and avocado – contains fiber, and avocado heart healthy monounsaturated fats and potassium, a good source of “it has been showed stable stress levels and lower blood pressure,” said Palinski – Wade. “In addition, studies have linked monounsaturated fat to reduced abdominal fat.” Just stick to two tablespoons of guac and baby carrots or bell pepper instead of chip pairing to keep calorie count.


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